Thursday, January 5, 2017

Chinese Lap Cheong/Waxed Sausage 【广式腊肠】

Lap Cheong or Chinese Waxed Sausage is a type of wind-dried, cured, dried meat sausages typically made/eaten during Chinese New Year, the flavour of Lap Cheong vary depending on the seasonings used. The Cantonese type of Lap Cheong I made this time have a sweet-savoury taste, adding Homemade Ang Chow gives very good color to my Lap Cheong.

These sausages are prepared quiet similar to other sausages. Pork together with pork fat is chopped or minced and seasoned, left marinated for days before stuffing into sausage casing and then left hung out to air dry in a dry cool place until cured for approximately 7-14 days depending on the weather.

冬至前后是制作腊味的好时节。“秋风起,腊味香” 是广粤那里耳熟能详的口头禅,过去很多家庭都会趁着秋风起,空气冷冽干燥的时候腌制腊味。


5 lbs/2250 g pork butt
1 lbs/450g Pork fat
100 g Chinese rose wine
50 g Ang Chow
70-75 g salt
300 g sugar
5-6 String of sausage casings

5 磅/2250 克 猪后腿肉
1 磅/450克 猪油板
100 克 玫瑰露酒
50 克 红糟
70-75 克 食盐
280 克 糖
5-6 根 肠衣

1. Measure and weight each ingredients out.

2. Dice the pork butt into 5mm cubes and ground the pork fat using a meat grinder. Combine the pork butt and fat in a large mixing bowl. Add salt, sugar, rose wine and Ang Chow, mix well and let it marinate for about 2-3 days in the fridge.

3. Clean and wash the sausage casings thoroughly. Stuff the meat into the casing with the help of a stand mixer and sausage stuffing attachment.

4. Tie off one end of the casing and gently squeeze the sausage to distribute filling evenly throughout the casing. Tie the casing into 4 inch links using hemp strings. Prick generously on all sides of sausages with a sterilized metal pin to expel air.

5. Hang the sausages to dry in a well ventilated place until dehydrated and loses about 30 percent of its original weight.

Steamed for 20 minutes and sliced thinly and serve.

1. 把所需的材料和调味料都称量好。

2. 把后腿肉切成指甲般大,猪油板搅碎,两者混匀后加入食盐,糖,玫瑰露酒和红糟拌匀,摆冰箱里腌2-3天。

3. 灌肠之前把肠衣清洗净后泡水30分钟。

4. 我是用的厨师机和配件灌的肠,先将肠衣套到灌肠的管子上,全都要套进去,然后再拉一段出来在肠衣的底部打一个死结。就可以开始在机器里加腌好的肉,开启机器往肠衣里灌肉,速度要均匀,不能太快。

5. 不要将肠衣全部灌满,灌到最后的时候要剩大约4寸左右的肠衣,也打上一个死结,用一根干净的针扎扎腊肠上看得见的泡泡,放出空气。然后就开始分段,每6寸左右拧一下,用麻绳系上。

6. 把做好的腊肠挂到晾衣架上放到通风处晾10-14天,每一两天搬出去晒晒秋冬的太阳,这样腊肠的成色会更好看。等腊肠开始收缩,比原来的体积小个百分之三十左右的时候,就可以把腊肠收成了。


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