Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Homemade Ginger Ale 姜汁汽水

I am not a big fan of soda with one exception-- Ginger ale. 

It was my go to during the pregnancy time to help ease the morning sickness, nausea. It is also my favourite way to chase away the summer heat. 

It takes only few minutes to make a glass of this refreshing cold drink at home, you can also adjust the taste and sugar level to your taste!




Ginger Syrup:
50-65 g Organic ginger root
1 Cup/ 200 g Organic sugar
1 1/2 cup/ 355 ml water

1 Can of Club soda/ Sparkling water
Few drops of lemon juice

50-65 克 的 带皮有机姜
1 杯/ 200 克 有机糖
1 1/2 杯/ 355 ml 水

1 瓶 苏打水/气泡水
几滴 柠檬汁

1. Clean ginger root with a brush and cut away bruises. Use a chopper to chop ginger into fine pieces. You can also use a grater to manually grade the ginger root.

2. Place grated ginger, sugar and water in a pot and cook at medium low heat on stove for 30 minutes.

3. Let cool and strain the liquid syrup through a mesh strainer. Discard the grated ginger and store the ginger syrup in a bottle and place in refrigerator.

1. 把姜洗净削去比较脏的部分,取个擦丝器或食物料理机把姜擦丝或切碎。

2. 把水、糖和姜丝/姜蓉放到锅里中小火煮30分钟。

3. 稍微冷却之后把姜汁糖浆过滤装到瓶子里,糖浆可以冷藏2-3周。

4. To serve, mix 2 tsp of ginger syrup with 1/2 cup of club soda/sparkling water. Add a few drops of fresh lime juice and a lime wedge to each drink. 
Serve chilled and enjoy!

4. 杯里加入2小勺的姜汁糖浆,半杯的气泡水/苏打水,几滴的柠檬汁,搅匀加上冰块即可享用。 


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