Thursday, November 23, 2017

Masala Chai with Spiced Syrup 印度香料奶茶(附加香料糖浆食谱)

My husband loves Spiced tea and could have it several times a day. I used to grudge at the chore of repeatedly boiling and cleaning the utensils to make tea. 

Then one day when I was making this Mint Syrup , it suddenly dawned on me that I can also infuse spices in Syrup and make tea with it!!

That way, I can make as many teas as hubby liked and not having to wash pots several times a day!

So I didn't wait too long to take this thought into action, I made a jar of Spiced Syrup and made Tea for my husband, he couldn't tell the difference from boiling the spices in water!




10 g/1 tbsp cardamom seeds
7 g/1 tbsp of Crushed black pepper  
2 g/1/2 tsp of cloves 
65 g of ginger roots 
1.5 cup of water 
1 cup of sugar 

To make tea:
1 Black tea bag
2 tbsp of Whole milk
2/3 cup of water
1-2 tsp of Spiced Syrup

10 克/1 大勺 豆蔻籽 Cardamom seeds
7 克/1 大勺 黑胡椒粉 Crushed black pepper 
2 克/1/2 小勺 丁香 Cloves
65 克 姜 Ginger roots 
1.5 杯水 
1 杯 糖

1 个 红茶包
2 大勺 全脂牛奶
2/3 杯 水
1-2 小勺的 香料糖浆

1. Place water, sugar and spices in a sauce pan, cut ginger roots into small pieces and place it in the same pan.

2. Bring to boil and continue cooking at medium low for 30 minutes until the Syrup slightly thickened.

3. Sieve and remove all the spices. (I leave it aside and late add some water to boil again and make tea with it, just to avoid wasting.)

4. Store the syrup in a mason jar and refrigerate it, use 1-2 tsp whenever you need it. 

1. 把水、糖和香料放到一口小锅里,姜切小片加入。

2. 中火煮滚后转中小火熬制30分钟至稍微浓稠。

3. 把姜块和香料过滤不用,熬制好的糖浆装到瓶子里密封冷藏。 (我把过滤后剩下的香料和姜片加水熬了红茶,香料和姜片上的糖浆已经足够甜,不必再加糖,这样做不浪费。)

5. To make Masala Chai, just place 1 tea bag in 2/3 cup of water and microwave it for 1.5-2 minutes depending on your microwave voltage. Let the tea steep for 2-3 minutes.

6. Add two tbsp of whole milk, microwave it for 30 seconds if you prefer your tea to be hot.

7. Remove the tea bag and add 1-2 tsp of Spiced Syrup depending on the spice lever and sweetness you like and enjoy!!

4. 平时做奶茶的时候,把一个茶包放到2/3杯水里,微波炉里转1.5-2分钟(按各家微波炉功率调整)煮好的茶浸泡2-3分钟。

5. 茶里加入2大勺全脂牛奶,再微波炉里转30秒后取出,把茶包取出,按口味加入1-2小勺的香料糖浆,拌匀即可饮用。



  1. This is so smart! I must give this a try since I also like to drink masala chai but so lazy to keep preparing the spices to make individual serving :)