Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Hakka Style Braised Duck 【客家卤全鸭】

Braised duck is one very common dish Malaysian Chinese prepared for the Chinese reunion dinner. I personally liked to have it the next day, the taste of it will be fuller.

This recipe I am sharing today was given to my mom by my aunt, slightly different than my mom's recipe, it is very tasty.



1 whole duck
2 tbsp Chinese Five Spice
2 tbsp Ginger juice (Extracted from a piece of ginger)
1 tbsp salt
2 tbsp Dark/sweet soy sauce
1 cup Fried Shallot
2-3 tbsp rock sugar  (or adjust to taste)
1 piece of galangal 1/2 the palm size
1 piece of ginger root 1/2 the palm size
1-2 Slices of Angelica Sinensis/Dang Gui (当归)
3-4 Scallions
6-8 Cloves of Garlic

1 只 全鸭
2 大勺 五香粉
2 大勺 姜汁
1 大勺 盐
2 大勺酱油膏/黑酱油/老抽
1杯/碗 葱酥
2-3 大勺 冰糖 (按个人口味调整)
1 段 半个巴掌大 的兰姜
1 段 半个巴掌大 的老姜
1-2 小片 当归
3-4 根 青葱
6-8 瓣 蒜瓣

1. Clean the duck and pat dry with kitchen towel,  mix 1 tbsp of Chinese five spice powder, 2 tbsp of ginger juice and 1 tbsp of salt, rub the mixture all over the duck including inner part of the duck.

2. The next day, take a piece of ginger and smash it to release juice and fragrance, slice galangal into few big slices. If you do not have fried Shallot at home, you can make some following this recipe.

1. 把鸭子清理干净之后用1 大勺 五香粉、2 大勺 姜汁和1 大勺 盐内外抹匀腌制一个晚上。

2. 第二天把老姜拍扁和蒜瓣去衣,兰姜切大片备用。如果家里没有炸好的红葱头酥,可以先制作葱酥

3. Heat 2 tbsp of cooking oil with rock sugar and cook until the rock sugar caramelized, place the marinated duck in the wok and keep turning the duck until the skins are all coated with caramelized sugar. Add the smashed ginger and garlic in.

4. Place sliced galangal and scallions at the bottom of a large pot, place the seared duck, ginger and garlic in the pot. Add enough water to submerge the duck. (If the duck is young, reduce the water accordingly.)

5. Season with dark soy sauce/caramelized soy sauce, fried shallots and Angelica Sinensis/Dang Gui (当归). Cover with lid and bring to boil, turn to medium to cook for 1 hour or until meat tender. Turn once or twice in between.

6. Turn the stove off and let cool, take the duck out and cut into smaller pieces. Bring the sauce to boil to thicken it, drizzle thickened sauce over the duck meat before serving. Some people like to return the cut duck back to the sauce while thickening the sauce, that makes the duck meat tastier, just doesn't look as good in presentation.

3. 锅里下2大勺食油把冰糖炒成焦糖色,把腌好的鸭子入锅中火翻匀至裹上糖色,加入老姜和蒜瓣一起翻炒。

4. 大锅底部铺上兰姜片和青葱,把上好糖色的鸭子放到锅里。倒入差不多要没过鸭子的水(鸭子嫩的话,水可以少一些)。

5. 加入黑酱油/酱油膏/老抽、葱酥和当归片,加盖煮滚之后转中火炖一个小时或至鸭肉变软,间中翻面1-2次。

6. 冷却后取出砍块,汤汁收浓淋在鸭肉表面即可。也可以把切好的鸭肉放回汤汁里一起收汁,卖相没那么好,但是味道更浓郁好吃。


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