Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Chinese Zucchini Pancakes 【西葫芦糊塌子】

Zucchini season is here, and my friend with the green thumb managed to grow gigantic Zucchini the size of an adult's arm!

She sent me a few of her Zucchinis and I turned one of them into this Zucchini Pancakes. A perfect side dish or breakfast with lesser carbs.


Ingredients:(Makes about 8-10 pancakes)
1 Medium Size Zucchini
1 egg
3-5 tbsp of all purpose flour
1/4 tsp of salt (or to taste)
1 tbsp of Sesame seeds
A pinch of pepper powder
Some cooking oil

材料:( 可做8-10张饼)
1 根 中型大小 西葫芦
1 只鸡蛋
3-5 大勺 中筋面粉 (按个人喜好调整面糊浓稠度)
1/4 小勺 食盐
1 大勺 芝麻

1. Clean and shred the Zucchini using a shredder, add salt and egg, stir and leave it aside for 5 minutes.

2. The Zucchini will become soft and releases juice after 5 minutes, add sesame seeds, pepper powder and flour, add flour in batches to adjust consistency, you can make the batter as thin or thick as you like, thinner batter gives you softer pancakes, thicker batter gives crunchier ones. Let the batter rest for few minutes.

3. Heat up a small frying pan, take about 2 tbsp of batter and spread it out in the pan, add a few drops of oil, cook for about 1 minute, turn and cook the other side on medium heat with a few more drops of oil until golden in color. Continue with remaining batter.

1. 西葫芦洗净擦丝后加入1/4小勺食盐和一只鸡蛋拌匀后静置5分钟。

2. 西葫芦丝会开始出水,变软。拌入芝麻、胡椒粉和面粉,可以按喜好增减面粉,稀一点的面糊煎出来的饼比较软,浓一些的面糊煎出来的饼比较脆。

3. 热上一口平底锅/电饼档,油温起来之后取两大勺的面糊摊平,滴几滴油定型之后翻面再滴几滴油煎至两面金黄即可出锅。继续把所有面糊摊完。



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