Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Scrambled Egg in Soy Bean Paste【东北鸡蛋酱】

My son and I like to stroll along a nearby river in spring/summer time to collect edible wild plants, dandelion is one wild plant that we collected the most. I liked them in salad, sun-dried as tea leaves, and to dip into this delicious Scrambled egg in soy bean paste.



2 large eggs
3 tbsp of Chinese Soybean Paste (东北大酱)or  Miso ( I used 2 tbsp of Chinese Soybean paste and 1 tbsp of Miso)
5 tbsp of oil

2 只 鸡蛋
2 大勺 东北大酱 或 韩国大酱
1 大勺 葱伴侣 大酱
5 大勺 食油

1.  Mix the soybean paste and Miso with 2-3 tbsp of hot water to soften and to thin the paste.

2. Beat two eggs until fluffy,  heat a cooking pan/wok without oil, when the wok is really hot, add cooking oil and quickly pour the eggs before the oil heated up, stir the egg quickly, hot wok and cool oil gives very tender and small pieces of scrambled egg.

3. Add soy bean paste and cook at medium until oil separated at the edge, you can add a little sugar if you like a tad of sweetness in your dip.

Adding 2-3 tbsp of this egg sauce to boiled noodle makes a very good Egg Zha Jing mian, make sure you serve the noodles with some shredded cucumber/carrots!

1. 把大酱和葱伴侣大酱加2-3勺热水拌匀备用。把两只鸡蛋打散。

2.  把锅加热,然后倒入凉油,油入锅后就马上把鸡蛋倒入一起加温。用铲子快熟搅拌,热锅凉油炒出来的鸡蛋很嫩,也比较细致。

3. 把拌好的大酱倒入一起中火炒至边上泛油即可。



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