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Pork Satay 【猪肉沙爹】

A town called Tampin near my parent's house has a small Satay stall that sells pork and chicken satay from midnight to dawn hours. It is a very busy stall even though its hours are not ordinary, it is so busy that sometimes the customers had to grill their own satay to avoid hours of waiting!

I made satay for our Malaysian gathering not long ago, half of them Chicken satay and another half Pork satay, it turned out pretty legit!




Ingredients: (make around 20-25 skewers)
500 gm Pork Shoulder
20-25 bamboo skewers (soak in water for 15-20 minutes)

1/4 cup of fresh pineapple
1 inch (about thumb size) of fresh turmeric or substitute with 2 tsp of turmeric powder
1 inch (about thumb size) of galangal
1 inch (about thumb size) of ginger root
1 stalk of lemongrass (use only the white part)
4-5 shallots or 1 medium size of onion
2 tsp of coriander powder
1 tsp of fennel seeds

3 tbsp of sugar (more if you prefer your satay to be at the sweeter side)
1/4 tsp of salt
1 tbsp of oil

材料: (可做 20-25串沙爹)
500 gm 梅头肉 (切成指姆大的块状)
20-25 根竹签 (泡水 10-20分钟备用)
1 只 中型 洋葱 切大块状
1/2 根 黄瓜,切块

1/4 杯 黄梨肉
1 寸 (大约指姆大)的新鲜姜黄 或 2 tsp的黄姜粉代替
1 寸 (大约指姆大)的 兰姜/galangal
1 寸 (大约指姆大) 姜/ginger root
1 根 香茅 (去老皮,只用白色部分)
4-5 只红葱 或 1 只 中型的洋葱
2 小勺 芫荽粉/ coriander powder
1 小勺小茴香/fennel seeds


3 大勺 糖 (喜欢甜一点的可以酌量增加)
1/4 小勺 食盐
1 大勺 食油

1. Cut pork shoulder into small bite size cubes. Dry roast fennel seeds and coriander powder in a pan for couple of minutes until fragrant, grind it using a coffee grinder or spice mill. 

2. Blend all ingredients listed under marinate with a little water in a blender to form a smooth paste.

3. Add the paste to pork pieces, mix well and season with sugar and salt and marinate over night, add 1 tbsp of oil before treading.

4.Store remaining spices if any, in a airtight container and freeze it up for next round.

5. Thread the pork pieces onto bamboo skewers, preheat oven to around 400 F then turn it to broil.

6. Lightly oiled a grill pan, line the chicken skewer on the pan and grill 5-6 minutes each side or until charred. Spray or brush some cooking oil in between for better grilling result.

Note: Grill as you would to any skewer if a outdoor grill is being used to make these satays.

Serve the skewers with 

1. 把猪肉切成指姆大的块状。小茴香和芫荽粉在一口锅里干煸至香味溢出,用个磨咖啡豆的机器或磨香料的机器磨成粉状。

2. 把腌料里的所有材料加一点水磨成糊状。肉块加入糖和盐拌匀后加入磨好的香料糊和一大勺油拌匀,冷藏腌制一个晚上。

3. 剩下的腌料可以装盒子里冻起来,下次再做。喜欢味道浓郁一点的也可把所有腌料都倒入腌鸡块。

4. 第二天把鸡肉串好,把烤箱预热至 400 F (200 C),然后转成上火/broil。

5. 在一个带烤架的烤盘上薄薄地喷上一层油, 把肉串排好,入烤箱每面烤5-6分钟,间中取出喷或刷1-2次食油,烤至有焦香的效果即可。

注: 如果用户外的烤炉的话,预热烤炉之后每面烤3-4分钟至焦香即可。



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