Thursday, October 17, 2019

Onion Pakora 【印式炸洋葱】



Onion Pakora/Pakoda is one of our favorite snacks in cold winter days, it is easy to make and very delicious to go with a cup of hot Masala Chai. 

A sure effective way to warm the body and to satisfy the stomach!

1 只 洋葱(大)或 2 杯 洋葱丝
4-5 瓣蒜瓣
1-2 大勺 芝麻
1 小勺 食盐
3 大勺 鹰嘴豆粉
1 大勺 粘米粉
1 小勺 水
1 小勺 食油

2 大杯 食油炸丸子用

1 large onion or 2 cup of thinly julienned onion
4-5 cloves of garlic
1-2 tsp of sesame 
1 tsp of salt
3 tbsp of Garbanzo bean/Chickpea flours (Besan)
1 tbsp of Rice flour
1 tsp of water
1 tsp of cooking oil

2 cups of cooking oil

1. 首先把洋葱切丝、蒜瓣切碎后摆到一个大盆里。加入芝麻。

2. 撒入食盐拌匀后等待大约5分钟,让洋葱开始释出水份。

3. 把鹰嘴豆粉、粘米粉一小勺水和一小勺食油加入碗里,把所有材料拌匀。

4. 锅里热上两杯食油,用小勺把洋葱丝和面糊一小勺一小勺地盛到锅里中火炸至酥脆,间中记得翻面。

5. 取出滴干油即可上桌,吃的时候可以沾上薄荷酱或番茄酱吃。


1. Julienne or thinly sliced onion and minced the garlic, place both in a large mixing bowl together with sesames.

2. Sprinkled and mix salt into the onion and garlic and wait for 5 minutes until onion started releasing liquid.

3. Add a tsp of water, a tsp of oil , the garbanzo bean flour and rice flour into the bowl, blend well.

4. Heat 2 cups of oil in a frying pan,  scoop the onion batter one tsp at a time into hot oil, fry the pakoras until golden brown in color, turn in between.

5. Drain and serve with green chutney or Ketchup.

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