Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Home-made Malaysian Curry Powder

Many families in Malaysia, especially the Baba Nyonya, have their own secret recipes for Curry Powder,  taught only to the daughters in family and pass on for generations.

These family secret makes the curry made in every home taste a little differently, and made the family proud !

I previously wrote a few recipes that called for Malaysian Curry Powder. And received many requests asking where to buy the curry powder.

The asian supermarket in US normally do not carry Malaysian curry powder, reason is probably low in demand. The only way to get it in the states is to purchase online, where shipping could also cost a fortune.

I have been thinking of making this curry powder the old way like my fore parents did... I did,and liking the taste and smell of it!!

Ingredients:(To make 300 gms)
6 tbsp Coriander Seed
2 tbspCummin Seed
2 tbsp Fennel Seed
2 tbsp Fenugreek Seed
2 tbsp Black pepper Corn
2 tbsp Raw Rice
2 tbsp Canyenne Pepper/Korean Chili flake
5-6 Cloves
1 Star Anise
1 tsp Cardamom Seeds
1  3-4 inches Cinnamon Stick (just crack it into few pieces)
15 dried chilli

6 tbsp Turmeric Powder

Heat up a heavy bottom pan,at low heat, roast all the spices (But Turmeric powder). Slowly stir the spices till fragrance. It will take about 10-15 minutes to roast those spices. I love this step as the whole house smell so heavenly and mysterious with all those different kind of fragrance mixed together.

Let the spices cold down completely before grinding.

Use a coffee grinder, spice grinder or vitamix to grind together the roasted spices into powder, when it is done, add turmeric powder, and mix well.

Note: DO NOT grind the turmeric powder with other spices, it would stain the grinder.

Store curry powder in a airtight container, do not need to refrigerate it, it could be stored for a year, just make sure the container is completely sealed so that the taste of spices won't change.

 中文版,For Chinese,Click --》自制马来咖喱粉


  1. Hi! I've already grinded the spices and I was wondering if I could use it for curry chicken and/or fish? If so, how many tablespoons/ teaspoons should I use? Thanks!

    1. hi。。this curry powder taste best with chicken/meat... fish curry will need different composition, which, in future, when I have sometime, will also make.. I hope this help...

      You can try this recipe with the curry powder..

      I normally used about 3 tablespoon for 1-1.5 kgs chicken.

    2. Hi there! I did a bit of hunting around your site...have you posted a composition for fish curry powder? :) I'm looking to make fish head curry with a few fish heads in my freezer!

    3. Hi Erin,

      I have yet to post the fish curry powder, mainly because I hardly make the malaysian style fish curry, we preferred assam fish, but yes, I will definitely write one when I do!

  2. Today is a great day, I learned a lot from your recipes.

  3. Hi Erin, many thanks for your curry powder recipe! I made the powder few days ago and I immediately made a chicken curry last night, it was amazing and yummy! I had to post in my blog as it is a keeper. I have linked my post to your blog post. Thanks very much for sharing, we enjoyed the curry very much.

    1. woww... your curry looks so yummy! You can use this curry powder as marinates too! Welcome to my blog and I look forward to your visit again!

  4. hi im looking to make a curry with this curry powder can you help me with a recipe please

  5. Hi , what sort of chilli's did you use? Thanks, Pete

  6. Loved this! Used freshly ground Malaysian curry powder and was awesome