Saturday, March 26, 2011

How to Grow Bean Sprout in a old kettle

I use a lot of bean sprout in cooking, mainly because I do a lot of stir frying... and bean sprout is such versatile and nutritious vegetable I could use it in almost everything from fried noodle to Salad!

The shop bought bean sprout can hardly last more than 2 days, often turned bad before I could use it....and most of the time, half of them goes to my little wormfarm...

I can well imagine those little earthworms discussing among themselves how tiring they are chewing on rotten bean sprout all the time.... LOL!

You will need:

1 old kettle or teapot with lid and make sure it is not transparent, when sealed, is completely dark to avoid photosynthesis.
1/3 cup moong bean or any amount enough to cover the bottom area of your tea pot/kettle.

This is my old moo moo kettle... cute right? Thank god I didn't recycle it yet... and now I found a better way to utilize it!

Soak moong bean overnight or until the shell breaks.

As shown in this picture, wash thoroughly and remove some shell at this point.

Place soaked beans in the kettle, remove access water, close lid and DO NOT OPEN it until harvest!!

Well... of course it is not carve on stone... you could give a peek or two to check its readiness, just do not let any light in, you got the idea....right?

I prefer kettle with a cover at the pouring mouth, the small tiny hole meant for whistling works so well as a filter when I have to pour out the water without losing the beans, if you do not have a kettle like that, make sure you use a small strainer to stop the beans when you do the daily wash.

The next 3-4 days:

1. twice or thrice a day, pour in clean water through pouring mouth, this is to avoid opening the lid ( I use pipe water).
2. Shake the kettle lightly to make sure all beans are in touch with water, leave it for 2 minutes before removing all the water. Make sure do not over soaked the beans.

When the bean sprout is about 2 inches long, its ready!

Just take remove the sprout and soak in cold water, lightly pat on the surface to let shells come to surface for easy remove. The sprout can be store in the refrigerator for 2-3 days.

Home grown organic bean sprout, how easy it could be?

中文版,For Chinese,Click--》 水壶/茶壶种豆芽


  1. If I had a kettle like that, I would grow them in kettles too. Thanks for sharing your experience.