Monday, October 24, 2011

Diwali Count Down -- Homemade Ghee (Clarified Butter)【酥油/无水奶油制作】

In India, many families buy a big jar of fresh milk every day and boil it at home, they will save the cream on top of milk and keep it in a jar. When the amount of cream in the jar reaches desired amount, the housewife will boil the cream in a heavy bottom pan or clay pot at low heat to slowly evaporate water content in the cream, the clarified liquid will be homemade ghee/clarified butter.

The same method is being used in many countries in the world to preserve clarified butter.

It is almost impossible to accumulate the amount of cream needed to make ghee at home nowadays, thanks to technology, we no longer need to pasteurize milk by boiling it at home.

But it doesn't mean that we can't make the lovely homemade ghee anymore...

Here is the workaround method.




1 box/2 cups of unsalted Butter
Organic ones is better
1 good heavy bottom sauce pan (Clay one better)


1/2 cups 无盐Butter(有机的最好)

1 口质地好的瓦煲/锅子

1. Melt butter in a glass/clay pot on medium heat, when the butter starts boiling and becoming foamy, turn heat to low.

2. The heat should be REALLY low (as shown in the picture) simmer the liquid for 35-45 minutes until you see the liquid cleared up and a layer of protein crust forming at the bottom.

3. Let it cold down for a bit, filter through a fine sieve, discard the strained out the solids (or save it to make paratha dough later).

4. Store in a clean jar at room temperature.

You could store the ghee as long as you consume it or up to 6 months if it is stored in airtight container.

The ghee is a clear golden colour liquid when it is warm and will slowly become a semi-solid cloudy texture as it cooled.

Ghee could be used in cooking as substitute to oil, it could also be used in any recipes that called for shortening.






  1. 原本以为roti canai没希望了,在这里找到可以自制ghee,真好,谢谢你 ^^

  2. Can I use the salted buter instead?

  3. 不谢不谢。。自己做更简单呢。。。