Tuesday, July 24, 2012

【韩式海鲜豆腐汤】Korean Seafood Tofu Soup (Soon Doo Boo Jjigae)


This Korean spicy soup is my second favorite soup after tom yam seafood soup, it is great for cold weather or when I don't have much apatite for anything.

I almost always made this whenever I have ingredients in the fridge!!

4-5 只 虾
4-5 只 贝类 (或任何海鲜代替)
1/4 块 嫩豆腐 (切块)
1/2 根 葫芦瓜 (切片)
1/4 只 洋葱 (切片)
1/2 只 番茄 (切块)
2-3 片 韩国泡菜 (切段) 
2-3 只辣椒 (切段) Optional
2 杯 高汤
1 tbsp 韩国辣椒酱
1-2 tsp 大酱/味噌
鱼露适量 Optional

4-5 Shrimps
4-5 clams/shell fish (or basically, any seafood)
1/4 piece of silken tofu (Cubed)
1/2 Zucchini  (Sliced)
1/4 Onion (Sliced)
1/2 Tomato (cubed)
2-3 slices of kimchee (cut into 1 inch)
2-3 chilies (slice) Optional
2 cups of chicken or fish stock

1 tbsp Korean spicy sauce
1-2 tsp Miso/Korean soy bean paste
Fish sauce to taste Optional


在一口锅里,下少许油把洋葱煸炒软之后加入泡菜炒香,然后注入高汤,煮滚。加入韩式辣椒酱煮滚然后把豆腐,葫芦瓜,番茄辣椒加入煮 3-5 分钟。


The Zucchini I used was from my garden... so tender and fresh... hmmmm

In a cooking pot, stir fry onion with little oil, when it turn translucent, add Kimchee and stir fry for a minute, add the stock and bring to boil.

Now add 1 tbsp of Korean chili sauce, bring to boil again, add tofu, zucchini,  tomato and sliced chili, cook for 3-5 minutes.

Now add all the seafood and cook for another 3-5 minutes until everything is cooked, season with miso/Korean soy paste and fish sauce, garnish with some chopped scallion.

I like to have it with steamed rice..

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