Monday, August 31, 2015

【糖醋小排】Sweet & Sour Spare Ribs


I bought some spare ribs not long ago thinking of making this sweet & sour spare ribs but got caught up with things that I almost forgotten.

Saw the packet of ribs again today in the fridge when I was cleaning up the freezer, today it is then, to make this yummy dish.

600 克 猪肋排 (剁成 1- 11/2 寸长)
1/2 杯 料酒
2 杯 水

1/3 杯 陈醋/黑醋
2 大勺 冰糖 
1 大勺 番茄酱 (Ketchup)
1 大勺 酱油

600 gm of spare ribs(Chopped into 1- 11/2 inches long)
1 tsp of roasted sesame
1/2 cup of cooking wine
2 cup of water

1/3 cup Black vinegar
2 tbsp Rock Sugar/Sugar
1 tbsp Ketchup      Optional
1 tbsp Light soy sauce

1. 排骨剁好之后泡水10分钟,洗干净滴干水份。

2. 热锅后热上1大匙的油,把排骨倒入,翻炒至排骨表面变得焦香,加入冰糖不断翻炒至冰糖溶解,排骨表面裹上糖色。

3. 倒入料酒,水和所有的调味料,大火煮滚转中火加盖焖煮20-30 分钟或至排骨变软,然后大火收汁即可。


1. Chop spare ribs and soaked submerged in water for 10 minute, drain and keep aside.

2. Heat up a cooking wok/pan, add about 1 tbsp of oil, add the ribs and sear the ribs until surface turn brownish in color. Add rock sugar and continue stirring until the sugar dissolved and all ribs coated with caramel.

3. Add cooking wine, water and all sauces, bring to boil and turn to medium heat, cover with lid and cook for another 20-30 minutes or until ribs are cooked and tender.

4. Bring the heat up to thicken the sauce until it is just enough to coat the ribs and not too runny.

Garnish with some roasted sesame.

中文 -- 糖醋排骨

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