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【手工肉燥 & 卤肉饭】Taiwanese Braised Pork & Braised Pork over rice





I liked Taiwanese cuisine for a very obvious reason-- it is very close to Hokkien cuisines and relatively light in its seasoning. I also like the taste and fragrance of fried shallot and shallot oil in many of its dishes.

This Taiwanese braised pork is normally made with minced pork here in many restaurants, the first time I had it with cubed pork was a box given by a good friend Wendy who is originally from Taiwan. Since then,  I will take my time to cubed the pork belly whenever I make this dish the taste and texture is simply incomparable.

I have also tried many different recipes for this dish after years of trying and testing, I concluded that the best recipe for this braised pork is the simplest of all, just a good amount of shallot and a little shallot oil with a good soy sauce is enough for giving authentic and unforgettable flavor to this dish.

Here is my version of Taiwanese braised pork, goes well with rice and noodle, very handy on busy days, have a pot of it in the fridge and dinner could be ready under 10 minutes!

500 克 五花肉 (切小丁)
1 杯 红葱酥
2/3 杯 酱油 (最好是天然酿制的酱油,我用了有机酱油)
12-15 克 冰糖
2 大勺 酱油膏 可无
1 杯 米酒
5 杯 食用水

1 碗 白米饭
烫青菜 适量 或 酸菜 少许
1 只卤蛋

500 gm Pork Belly (cubed as small as you can)
1 cup Fried Shallots
1 cup Light soy sauce (try to use naturally brewed soy sauce, I used organic ones)
12-15 gm rock sugar
1 tbsp of dark sauce Optional 
1 cup of rice wine
5 cup drinking water

For Braised Pork Rice:
1 bowl cooked white rice
Some cooked green leaves vegetables or some pickled mustard
1 Braised Egg

1. 把五花肉切丁。热上一口锅,把五花肉下锅煸炒至变色然后边角带一点点的焦香。

2. 把肉丁盛入一口深锅里,加入冰糖,酱油、米酒和水,大火煮滚,转中火炖一个小时。

3. 加入葱酥,中小火继续焖炖2-3个小时,或至肉变得软糯。


4. 制作卤肉饭,把米饭摆到碗里,淋上肉燥,切上半只卤蛋,烫好青菜。即可开吃。


1. Cubed pork belly as small as you can, I cubed mine to about 1 cm x 1.5 cm. Heat up a wok without oil, place the pork belly cubes in and stir until it starts releasing oil.

2. Dish out the pork and placed into a deep pot, add rock sugar, soy sauce,rice wine and water, bring to rolling boil, then turn the heat to medium low, cook for 1 hour.

3. Add fried shallot, turn the heat down to low continue cooking for 2 more hours until the pork become super tender.

Note:You can also add some hard boiled eggs and fried hard tofu in between to braise, I loved mine with tofu in it!

4. Steamed or blanched some green veggies, place steamed rice in a bowl, scoop out about 1/2 cup of braised pork with gravy, pour over rice, serve with veggies and half piece of braised egg (If you do make it.)

Note:The braised pork could be stored in the fridge for about 1 week.

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