Monday, January 20, 2014

Yam Rice (Oh Ah Peng 芋头饭)

My mum used to make this Yam rice back home, there are similar dishes made with pumpkin, Chinese mustard (Gai Choy) and long bean.

It is prepared almost like Spanish Paella, the rice is cooked together with ingredients and seasoning, in a pot/wok, and later simmer to perfection.

Its simply irresistible as the tastes of yam, meat and other ingredients were all well blend into rice, every spoon of it is a charm! All you need is another bowl of soup, and that is! A great dinner already!



300-400 gm of Yam
4-5 slices of thick cut bacon
1 cup Jasmine rice
2 1/4 cup of water
6-8 shallots (Sliced) or 1 tbsp of fried shallot

1 tsp salt (or to taste)
a pinch of Chinese five spice

300-400 克 芋头 
1 杯 白米
2 1/4 杯 水 
4片 Thick Cut Bacon 
6-8只 小红葱 (切片)

1 tsp 盐 (或适量)
1/4 tsp 五香粉

1. Cut the bacon into 1.5 cm in width, slice shallot, cubed yam into 1cm x 1 cm pieces. Wash and soaked rice for about 10 minutes.

2. Heat up a wok, and add 1-2 tbsp of oil and fry the shallot slices until fragrant, add the bacon pieces and stir until crisp, add the yam pieces and five spice powder in and  keep stirring until the yam changes colour or turning a little translucent.

3. Add rice and stir well, season with salt, it should taste a little saltier for now, as when the rice gets cooked, the saltiness balanced out by the sweetness of rice.

4.Continue stirring at medium high heat until rice turn a little translucent, pour in 2 1/4 cup of water, you can add a little water later if you like your rice softer. Turn the heat to medium low, cover with lid and cook for 15 mins or until water disappear, switch off the stove.

5. Fluff the rice using a spatula or fork, cover up again and let it sit for 10 minutes without heating before serving.

1. 咸肉切块,小红葱切片,芋头切丁。米泡水十分钟后淘好。

2. 热锅把咸肉煸炒出油,然后加入红葱炒香。把芋头丁加入炒至变色,加入五香粉炒香。

3. 然后把淘好的白米倒入,中火翻匀,加入盐调味。盐可以稍微多一点,米饭焖好之后咸淡就刚刚好了。把米翻炒至水份干,米粒有点透明的时候,倒入2 1/4杯水,有的芋头比较干,可以酌量增加水份。大火煮滚后转4号火(中火偏小火)加盖焖15分钟,或至水份焖干,熄火。

4. 打开盖子,用个饭勺把米饭拌匀,这个时候有点锅巴是很正常的,再次加盖,不点火虚焖10分钟。

It goes superbly with Bak Kut Teh好吃的芋头饭,是肉骨茶的好伴侣哦!

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