Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Peach Limeade 【桃子青柠汁】

My son A is a big fan of Peaches, he will ask for it every so often, even when peaches are out of season. It goes without saying that peaches are always in sight at home during its season!

I brought home some sweet juicy peaches from the market and decided to make this delicious limeade, a perfect drink for summer afternoon!



1 large fully ripe yellow peach Pitted and cut into big chunks
1000 ml drinking water
1 lime
2 tbsp of honey/maple syrup  (I didn't use any)

1 只 熟透的大黄桃 去核切块
1000 克 饮用水
1 只 青柠
2 大勺 蜂蜜/枫糖浆   (我没用)

1. Blend peach with drinking water and sieve one time. Add lime juice and honey/maple syrup. Chill before serving.

1. 桃子加水搅拌好后把皮渣子过滤掉,加入蜂蜜和青柠汁搅拌匀。冷藏风味更佳。

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