Monday, September 5, 2016

Homemade Fruit Leather 【果干卷】

My son A loves fruits. His favourite snacks is fruit leather or Fruit snacks. I used to buy organic fruit snacks from the store. He goes through them so fast that it got me worried that he will be fructose overdose sometimes.

Some friends came home yesterday with their kids yesterday, I made a big fruit bowl for the kids and was left with about 1/3 of it. Since it was close to bedtime and none of us want more fruit. I blended them into a thick paste and place it into the oven to bake at low temperature. 

We have got ourselves fruit leather in the morning! 




2 cups of apple
3 cups of watermelon
1 cup of pear
1 cup of peach
1 cup of blueberries
1 tbsp of maple syrup/honey
2 tbsp of Tart cherry juice     or   1 tbsp of Lime/Lemon Juice

2 大杯 苹果丁
3 大杯 西瓜丁
1 大杯 梨子丁
1 大杯 桃子丁
1 大杯 蓝莓
1 大勺 枫糖浆/蜜糖
1 大勺 青柠/柠檬汁

Note: These are the fruits I used to make mine because that is what I have at home, you can really use any fruits of your choice, anything you have at home.

注: 材料里列出来的是我昨晚用的水果,其实什么水果都可以用来做这个果干卷,家里有啥就用啥啦!

1. Cut all the fruits into big chunk, I preferred mine peel off the skin, if you are using organic fruits and like to incorporate more fibre, you can keep the skin on.

2. Place all the fruits in blender/food processor with maple syrup and tart cherry juice/lime/lemon juice. Blend into a thick paste, it should be thick and not runny, if your fruit paste is too runny, you can add some pectin or chia seed powder to it to thickened it. DO NOT add water to blend the fruits.

Note: I added tart cherry juice in mine as it has natural melatonin and encourages better sleeps at night, which A will need, he is still waking up multiple times some nights. You don't have to add that to yours, it is not mandatory.

3. Place a silicon mat over a baking tray and pour the fruit paste over it, give it a good shake or knock the tray lightly over the counter to even the paste out, you can also spread it using a spatula. Your paste should be around 2mm in thickness. The quantity above gave me 3 trays of 15L x 10W baking pans.

4. Place the trays in the oven and turn the oven on to the lowest temperature your oven setting allows (Mine is 170 F). Bake/dehydrate it for 6-6.5 hours. I put mine in before bed and woke up to completely dry and cooled sheets.

Note:If you have a dehydrator, you can also use it to dry the leather.

5.Peel the leathers off the silicon mats, it should be very easy. Place the leathers onto parchment papers, cut into 1 inch strips and roll it up. 

Note: You don't really need to place parchment paper underneath the leathers.

1. 把水果洗净削皮切块。如果你用的是有机水果,如苹果,梨子等可以不削皮增加食物纤维。

2. 把切好的水果和青柠/柠檬汁,枫糖浆/蜜糖一起放到搅拌机里搅拌成糊状。搅拌好的果糊应该是浓稠不流动状的,如果你的果糊含水量高,比较稀的话,可以加1大勺的奇亚籽粉增稠,搅拌时记得不要加水。

3. 把果糊倒入铺有硅胶垫的烤盘。把烤盘在桌上轻轻敲敲让果糊摊匀。你也可以拿个抹刀把果糊抹平,果糊的厚度应该在大约2毫米左右。食谱里的水果可以做出三盘15x10寸烤盘的果干。

4. 把烤盘放到烤箱里,烤箱开最低温。我的烤箱最低温是170华氏度 (75摄氏度),把果糊低温烘焙6-6.5个小时至烘干为止。我睡前把烤箱设置好,睡醒时果干就已经烘干冷却了。


5. 轻轻地把烘干的果干从硅胶垫上剥下,铺在烘焙纸上,剪成一寸宽的长条,卷起即可。

注: 其实不垫烘焙纸也可以啦,直接卷起来就好了。我只是觉得卷了烘焙纸比较好看,也比较好剥开吃。

The leathers should be able to be stored at room temperature for 3-4 days and about 1 week in the fridge.



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