Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Asian Pear & Lotus Root Juice 【藕梨汁】

Winter months, for many people is the months of chronic feeling of dry throat and dry nose.

If you’re someone who’s battling itchy throat and bleeding nose, here is one simple solution that requires little effort, the best part of it is, it tastes really good!



1 section of lotus root (about 5-6 inches long)
1 Asian pear
3 cups of distilled/filtered water
1 tsp of honey Optional

一段 大约5-6寸的 莲藕
1 只 雪梨
3 杯 饮用水
1 小勺 蜂蜜  可无

1. Clean and peel the lotus root and the Asian pear, remove the core of pear. Cut both the Asian pear and lotus root into big chunks.

2. Place the Asian pear and lotus root in a blender with 3 cups of water. Blend until smooth, takes about 45 seconds.

3. Strain the blended mixture using muslin or a nut milk bag. Gather the muslin/bag and twisting the bag tightly to enable you to squeeze out more juice.

4. Serve juice immediately or if you prefer, warm the juice a little in a sauce pan, make sure that you do not to bring the juice to boil, you should just heat it to make it warm enough to drink. You can add a tsp of honey to the juice if you like it sweeter.

1. 把莲藕和雪梨洗净去皮去核后切块。

2. 把雪梨和莲藕块和3杯饮用水倒入搅拌机里搅拌45秒至细腻。

3. 搅拌好的梨藕汁用纱布或者筛网过滤。我比较喜欢用纱布,因为可以包起来挤出更多的汁。

4. 挤出来的藕梨汁直接可以饮用。天气特别冷的时候我喜欢稍微加热至微温然后加一勺蜂蜜饮用。



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  1. Looks so yummy, I love Lotus starch cereal (pudding) as well. Maybe someday you could do the recipe? It tastes best made with artificial coffee creamer (Coffee Mate)