Thursday, January 25, 2018

Minced Meat Sauce over Steamed Egg 【肉末鸡蛋羹】

My son likes Steamed egg with minced meat, here is another variation that uses the Minced meat sauce that I made earlier, he finished all. 



2 medium size egg (Room Temperature)
Pinch of salt
2-3 tbsp of  Minced Meat Sauce

2 只 中型鸡蛋 (室温)
2-3 大勺 多用途肉臊

1. Cracked, and weigh the eggs, two medium size organic eggs is 101 gm for me. Add 200 gm of water and a pinch of salt. (Egg water ratio 1:2 is what I liked most.).

2. Whisk the mixture until it is fully incorporated, leave aside and wait for 10 minutes to settle some of the bubbles. Pour the mixture in a bowl. Remove any remaining bubbles on the surface gently using a spoon.

3. Cover the bowl with foil paper, this is to prevent any steam/water dripping onto the steamed egg.

4. Heat the steamer with 2 cups of water, turn the heat to medium low, place the bowl in steamer with the lid a little ajar, I inserted a toothpick between lid and steamer to allow release of little steam, this step is to prevent overheating, consistent medium low heat delivers smooth custard like steamed egg.

5. Steam the egg for 15 minutes, switch off the stove and remove the toothpick, let the egg sit in the steamer with lid tightly covered for 5 minutes. 

6. Meanwhile, heat 2-3 tbsp of Minced Meat Sauce on the stove or in microwave.

7. Remove the foil paper cover, spread the minced meat sauce over steamed egg, serve warm.

1. 鸡蛋敲开之后称重,加入鸡蛋两倍重的水和一点盐搅拌均匀。(两只中型有机鸡蛋是101克,我加了200克水)。

2. 把搅拌好的鸡蛋液倒入一口深碗里静置十分钟消泡。然后用一个小勺把剩下的泡沫舀去。

3. 碗口盖上一张锡箔纸防水蒸汽反流。

4. 蒸笼上汽之后转小火盖子微微敞开。我在盖子和锅之间插入一根牙签放汽,这样蒸出来的鸡蛋特别滑。

5. 中小火蒸15分钟后熄火,把牙签去掉,盖上盖子虚焖5分钟。

6. 取2-3大勺多用途肉臊在微波炉里加热,或锅子里煸炒热。

7. 把锡箔纸去掉,肉臊铺在蒸好的蛋上,撒点葱花。开吃。


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