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Chinese Style Prawn Fritters 【炸虾饼】

One of the famous supper choices in my hometown is this Chinese Style Prawn Fritters. The hawker selling this also sells fried tofu, fried fish cakes/balls and the likes.

To order a plate of fried goodies from the stall and dip into their special Sweet sauce and Chili sauce was one luxury thing to do as a kid. Probably one reason this snack still holds a very special place in my heart.

I have attempted a few times on this fritters but the recipes I followed are mostly flawed, they failed to deliver the taste and texture of the fritters as I remembered.

I recently found out that the Asian supermarket near my house is carrying the fresh water shrimps that is perfect for this shrimp fritters. I brought a packet home and this time, is determined to create a recipe of my own.

The result is amazing and I just have to write the recipe down right away!





Ingredients:(makes 25 pieces)
300 g Fresh water Shrimp/Prawn (marinate with 1/4 tsp of salt and 1 tbsp of Chinese Cooking wine)
2 cups of All purpose flour
2 tbsp Rice flour
1 tbsp Custard Powder  or  substitute with corn flour
1 tsp Baking Powder
1 2/3 cup of Ice water
1 tsp of cooking oil
2 cups of Chinese Chives (cut into 1 inch in length)
2 cups of Bean Sprouts
some cooking oil (for deep frying)

For the Seasoning: 
1 tsp salt  (or to taste)
1/4 tsp pepper powder
1/8 tsp chicken bouillon powder   Optional

300 克 小河虾(洗净后加1大勺料酒和1/4小勺食盐腌制10分钟)
2 杯 中筋面粉
2 大勺 粘米粉
1 大勺 蛋黄粉 (Custard Powder)或 粟米粉
1 小勺 泡打粉 (Baking Powder)
大约 1 2/3 杯 冰水
1 小勺 食油
2 杯 韭菜 (切小段)
2 杯 绿豆芽
足够的食油 (炸饼用)

1 小勺 或适量 食盐
1/4 小勺 胡椒粉
1/8 小勺 鸡精粉 可无

1. Place all purpose flour, rice flour and custard powder in a large mixing bowl, add salt, pepper powder and oil.

2. Add ice water into the flour and stir using a spatula until a thick batter is formed. Add the water bit by bit to avoid making runny batter. The batter should not be runny and you should feel some resistance while stirring. It is ok if there are some lumps in the batter at this stage. Cover the batter with lid and let it rest in the refrigerator for 20 minutes.

3.  Meanwhile, clean the freshwater shrimps, drain and marinate the shrimps with some salt and cooking wine for 20 minutes. This type of shrimps are much smaller in size comparing to the ones you see in the supermarket, its shell is softer and once fried, it is crunchy and very delectable. Try to use this type if you can find in your local Asian supermarket.

4. Clean the Chinese chives and bean sprouts, cut the chives into 1 inch in length. Drain and keep aside.

5. Take the batter out from the fridge, stir until smooth and add bean sprouts and Chinese Chives. Adjust the batter with some water if it is too hard to stir.

1. 把中筋面粉、粘米粉和蛋黄粉放入一只大盆里,加入食盐、胡椒粉和食油拌匀。

2. 取一双筷子或大勺一边搅拌面粉一边缓缓地把冰水加入混合成比较浓稠的面糊。面糊搅拌时有点吃力就差不多可以了,记得面不要和得太稀,太稀做出来的饼不酥脆。这个时候如果面糊里有点疙瘩是没问题的,把面糊加盖放到冰箱里静置20分钟。

3.  把小河虾洗净沥干水后加入1/4小勺食盐和1小勺料酒拌匀腌制20分钟。这款小吃最好用小河虾做,小河虾炸酥可以连壳一起吃,味道非常好。

4. 韭菜洗净切断,豆芽洗净沥干备用。

5. 把面糊从冰箱取出,搅拌顺滑之后加入豆芽和韭菜,如果面糊太稠搅不动的话可以适量家一点水调稀。

6. Heat up the cooking oil for deep frying at medium high. Place a metal ladle in the hot oil to heat it up before using. (The batter will stick to the ladle if it is not hot enough.)

7. Scoop about 1.5 tbsp of the batter with Chives and bean sprouts into the ladle. Lightly spread it out and top the batter with 3-4 shrimps/prawns and lower the ladle int hot oil for frying.

8. Once the batter is half cooked, it will separate itself from the ladle and float on the oil, turn and fry both sides until golden brown in color, dish out and drain on paper towel. Repeat the steps for remaining batter and ingredients.

6. 锅里中高火热上适量食油,把虾饼模子放到油里一起加热,这样待会儿虾饼就很容易脱模。没有模子的也可以用镬铲或比较大的汤勺代替。

7. 把模具取出,盛入1.5大勺的面糊,稍微铺平,取3-4只小河虾铺在面糊上,把模具放入热油里炸。

8. 虾饼定型后就会自然脱模,翻面炸至两面金黄即可出锅沥干油。第一片虾饼脱模后即可马上进行制作第二片虾饼。如此类推至所有面糊炸完为止。

Serve hot with some garlic chili sauce.


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