Friday, June 29, 2018

Karipap Pusing 【螺旋咖喱角】

Karipap Pusing, also called Spiral Curry puff is a fancy version of the very humble karipap that I used to enjoyed as a kid. The spiral pastry gives a good texture and crust to the shell and it just looks a lot more glamorous!

螺旋咖喱角是很有名的马来小吃咖喱角 的升级版,多层次的酥皮更酥脆更好吃,摆盘出来请客也倍儿有范呢!

Ingredients for Spiral pastry shell:(makes about 20 pieces)

For Water Dough:
2 cups of all purpose flour
1/4 cup of vegetable oil
1/2 tsp of salt
1/2 cup of ice water

For Oil dough:
1 cup of all purpose flour
2 tbsp of Ghee/Clarified Butter
1/4 cup of hot oil (heat on stove until piping hot)

For filling:
3 medium size potato (Peel and Cubed)
1 medium size onion (chopped)
2 tbsp Malaysian meat curry powder
1 tbsp Soy Sauce
1/2 tsp Sugar
Salt to taste


2 杯面粉
1/4 杯 食油
1/2 小勺食盐
1/2 杯冰水

1 杯 中筋面粉
2 大勺酥油/无水奶油
1/4 杯 滚热的油

3 只 中型 马铃薯/土豆 (削皮切小块)
1 只 中型 洋葱 (切碎)
2 大勺 肉类咖喱粉
1 大勺 酱油/生抽
1/2 小勺糖

1. Start by making the filling, heat up 3 tbsp of oil in a cooking pan, stir fry chopped onion until translucent, add curry powder.

2. Add potato pieces and stir well, add 1/2 cup of water and bring to boil, season with salt, sugar and soy sauce. Cover with lid and cook until potato become soft. Set aside and let cool.

1. 先把馅料炒制好,马铃薯削皮切小块。锅里热上3大勺食油,加入切碎的洋葱炒软,加入咖喱粉炒香。

2.  加入马玲薯块煸炒几分钟后倒入半杯水,煮滚加盖焖煮5分钟,加盐、糖和酱油调味。 转中火加盖焖煮至马铃薯变软。盛出冷却备用。

3. To make the water dough, combine all purpose flour, ghee and water to form a soft dough. Let it rest for 15 minutes before kneading again to form a smooth dough.

4. Make the oil dough by adding hot oil to all purpose flour and add 2 tbsp of ghee, with the help of spatula, combing the flour and oil, when the dough is cooled enough to touch, knead to form a dough.

5. With the help of rolling pin, roll the water dough out to form a disc around 6 inches in diameter. Place the oil dough in the middle of it and wrap up, pinch to seal edges and roll it into a larger ball. Let the dough rest for 5 minutes.

6. Flatten the dough again into an 8 inches disc, brush a thin layer of water over the disc and roll it up tightly. Rest for 10 minutes.

3. 把中筋面粉、酥油和水和在一起成一个软面团,饧面15分钟后揉成一个光滑的面团备用。

4. 把热油泼到中筋面粉里,再加2大勺酥油用大勺拌匀,温度降下来后可用手指头把粉慢慢捏成一个面团。

5. 把水皮擀开成大约6寸的圆盘状,把油酥摆在中间包起搓成球状,松弛一会儿。

6. 把面团再次擀开成大约8存左右的圆盘,刷上一层薄薄的水,卷起成圆柱状。

7. Take the roll with the end side facing up, roll into a long thin strips with the help of rolling pin. tightly roll it up again like a Swiss roll to form a shorter but thicker cylinder.

8. Slice the roll into 0.5 mm in thickness, take one slice and flattened to form a disc. Place about 1.5 tbsp of potato filling on the disc, fold to seal to form a half moon shape. Pinch along the edge to seal. As shown in this video. Repeat to make about 20 karipap.

7. 取一份面团,封口朝上擀开成牛舌状,由下往上卷起成圆柱状。

8. 把面团切成0.5公分厚的片状(如图),取一片先用手掌压扁,这样可以确保螺旋花纹不变形,然后擀开成一个圆饼。

9. 中间放上1.5大勺的馅料,折起捏紧成新月状,捏花。捏花手法请参考以下视频。重复以上步骤制作大约20个咖喱角。

9. Heat up about 3 inches of oil in a deep fryer, fry few of the karipap at a time on medium heat until golden in color.

10. 锅里热上三大勺食油,把咖喱角分批入锅中火炸成金黄色即可。



  1. Hi!
    The ingredients for water dough did not mention ghee. What is the amount of ghee needed as you mentioned it in Point 3. Thanks;)

    1. It is 1/4 cup of vegetable oil or ghee. Thanks for letting me know.