Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Pumpkin Steamed Cake 【红枣南瓜发糕】

A few pumpkin plants came from our compost last spring and grew into a very healthy plant that gave us handful of pumpkins. Though the yield is not large but the fruits are very sweet and tasty.

I made a  couple of dishes with my homegrown pumpkin and this Steamed Cake is one of that.



250 g pumpkin puree
200 g all purpose flour
2 tbsp of sugar
1 tsp of Yeast
8-10 Chinese Red Dates

250 克 南瓜泥
200 克 面粉
2 大勺 糖
1 小勺 酵母
8-10 只红枣

1. Peel and cubed pumpkin and steamed it for 30 minutes, weigh 250 g of steamed pumpkin out, if your pumpkin's color is not very bright, you can also add a small piece of steamed carrots.

2. Blend or mash the pumpkin into a paste, add the sugar and mix well. When the pumpkin paste becomes slightly higher temperature than room temperature, add 1 tsp of yeast and mix well.

3. Add the paste to flour with 1 tsp of oil and stir the paste and flour together to form a sticky dough, when the stir of dough become harder, the consistency of dough is right.

4. Brush a 6 inches round baking pan with some oil and place the dough in the pan, rub the surface with a little water to smoother it.

5. Soak dates in warm water, remove seeds and cut the dates into half.

6. Place the dough in warm place and rest for 20-30 mins, when the dough has rises to about almost doubling its size, decorate the dates on the surface and slightly pressing the dates.

7. Steam the cake at about 350F (175C) at high for 25-30 mins. Once the steaming is done, wait for 5 minutes before opening the lid. Wait the cake to cold down before removing from pan and slice to serve.

1. 南瓜削皮后蒸30分钟至变软,如果买的南瓜颜色不够深可以加一小块的胡萝卜增色。

2. 取250克蒸好的南瓜趁热搅拌/压成泥,加入2-3大勺白糖混匀稍微冷却至触摸起来微温的时候加入1小勺酵母拌匀。

3. 把拌好的南瓜糊倒入准备好的面粉里,加上一小勺食油把南瓜糊和面粉拌匀。面糊拌到最后有点搅不动的粘稠状即可,如果稀了可酌量加点面粉。

4. 把一个6寸蛋糕盘抹上油,把面糊倒入烤盘里,表面用一点点水抹平。摆到温暖处发酵25-30分钟或至面团稍稍少于两倍大。

5. 面团发酵的时候取红枣洗净泡软把种子取出切半备用。

6. 把红枣轻轻按到发酵好的面糊表面摆成自己喜欢的样式做装饰。

7. 把发糕入蒸笼高火蒸25-30分钟,蒸好先别揭盖,稍微等3-5分钟再揭盖。冷却后脱模切块吃。



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