Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Deep Fried Pumpkin Blossoms【酥炸南瓜花】

We went back to Malaysia for 2 months for the summer holiday thus I was not able to plant much in my backyard this summer. 

But the compost at my front yard that consists of my homegrown pumpkin peels and seeds last fall has turned into a big plant when I return from Asia. Since it has blossoms galore, I am so happy that I can still enjoy some harvest this year even though I had not planted anything this!



12-15 朵 南瓜花 (雄花/雌花都可以)
1 杯 脆酥粉
1 杯 水

12-15 Pumpkin Blossoms (Both the Male/Female blossoms works)
1 杯 脆酥粉
1 杯 水

1. To prepare the blossoms, remove all the calyx around the flower and gently remove the pistil from each flower. Rinse to make sure no bugs/dust is in the blossoms, let dry.

1. 把摘回来的花先处理一下,把花萼去除、花蕊摘除(不然会苦),把花冲洗干净滴干水份备用。

2. Whisk the crispy powder and water together to form a batter.

3. Heat about 2 inches of oil in a cooking pan/pot, turn the heat to medium.

4. Dip the blossoms into the batter and coat the blossoms with a layer of batter.

5. Deep fry the blossoms until crispy and golden brown in color. Serve hot.

2. 把脆酥粉和水混合静置五分钟备用。

3. 锅里热上两寸左右的食油,把南瓜花浸入挂上糊。

4. 入锅炸酥即可趁热食油。


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