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马来西亚【辣椒板面】Chili Pan Mee


这个周末下雨,不想出门就做了好吃的虾干辣椒粉, 泼点热油就是辣椒板面的辣子啦!

Almost everybody I met raved about this Pan Mee back home several years ago, Chili Pan Mee shops spring all over KL like mushrooms, I tried this Pan Mee twice and liked the idea very much, it has all the "Ohm" factors that Malaysian liked, spicy, umami with the fragrance of fried shallot. Topped with a beloved half boiled egg. 

It is just irresistible!


2 杯/250克 中筋面粉 all purpose flour
2 大勺 玉米淀粉/木薯粉
1/4 小勺 食盐
2/3 杯 水


大勺 鱼露 fish sauce
大勺 生抽/酱油 Soy sauce
大勺 甜酱油 sweet soy sauce (如无请用 1 tbsp 糖加 1 tbsp 黑酱油代替)
3-4 大勺 黑酱油/马来西亚产的晒油/Caramel dark soy sauce (这个无可代替,一定要用马来西亚产的晒油)
大勺 蚝油 oyster sauce 
大勺 饮用水

2 大勺 食油

1 小勺 葱酥和葱油
1 大勺 炸江鱼仔
3-4 泡发的香菇
一小把 油菜心
2 只 半熟蛋

For dough
2 cups/250 g of all-purpose flour
2 tbsp of corn starch/tapioca flour
1/4 tsp of salt
2/3 cup of water

Echo's Special Gon Loh Sauce:(Make 8-10 plates of gon loh mee)
2 tbsp fish sauce
4 tbsp Soy sauce
2 tbsp ABC medium sweet soy sauce (or 1 tbsp sugar plus 1 tbsp Caramel dark Soy Sauce)
3-4 tbsp Malaysia made Caramel dark soy sauce (THIS cannot be substitute with anything else)
2 tbsp oyster sauce
2 tbsp drinking water

Chili Powder:
2 tbsp of Oil

1 tsp of Fried Shallot and shallot oil
1 tbsp fried Anchovies
3-4 Dried Mushrooms
2-3 Mustard green

1. 把盐和水混合至溶解。

2. 把面粉缓缓加入水里,逐渐捏成一个硬面团,这个面团偏干,和不成团无所谓。用干净的布盖着,饧面20分钟。

3. 取压面机,把面团分成几个部分,先压成小面片。再把两片面片一起压成比较大的面片。逐渐把压面机的档号减小,把面片压薄。间中对折面片,多压几次,面片就开始逐渐平滑成型。间中可以加点手粉防粘。

4. 最后转到切面档,把面条切成自己喜欢的粗细即可。

1. Mix together water and salt until salt dissolves completely.

2. Slowly adding the flour into the liquid mixture to form a very stiff dough, the dough may not hold together very well and looks a little crumbly or pebbly, which is absolutely OK, just cover with a clean muslin cloth or kitchen towel and let it rest at room temperature for 10 minutes. Turn the dough out onto a working space and knead the dough again to form a small stiff ball, this may take up to 2-3 minutes.

3. Divide the dough into 3-4 portions and roll each one out using a pasta machine, then combined two portion and roll again to form a larger piece, sprinkle some extra flour in between to prevent sticking together. Continue working until you get a one large sheet. Slowly work through the thickness setting one by one and roll the sheet as many time as you wish until you get a smooth looking one.

4. When you are happy with the thickness of your sheet, you can now turn it to the cutter at the machine and cut it into noodle, you can cut it to any thickness you like. (mine is number 4). Sprinkle some flour on the noodles and place noodle in a container with lid and keep aside.

5.  锅里热上两大勺食油,加入三大勺的虾米辣椒粉,熄火拌匀取出备用。

6. 香菇切片,加上3-4 大勺的多用途肉臊/肉末拌炒均匀,备用。

7. 煮滚半锅水,把一把板面入锅煮2-3分钟,这个过程可以顺便把油菜心也烫熟。把面捞出放到放有三勺干捞面酱汁,葱油的碗里,家里如果有猪油渣也可以加一点。

8. 铺上江鱼仔、油菜心、葱酥、香菇肉臊和油泼辣子,把半熟蛋磕入,就可以开饭咯!

5. Heat 2 tbsp of cooking oil in a cooking pan, add 3 tbsp of the Dried Shrimp Chili Powder , stir to combine, take out and let cool.

6. Sliced soaked dried mushrooms and cook with 3-4 tbsp of Minced Meat Sauce for Gon Loh Fun that you already have at home. Take out and set aside.

7. Bring half pot of water to boil, add a handful of homemade noodle and cook for 2-3 minutes, you can also cook the mustard green at the same time. Take the cooked noodle and greens out and place it in a bowl with 3 tbsp of Gon Loh Sauce, some fried shallots and oil, 

8. Place fried anchovies, some fried shallots, mushrooms minced meat and the Dried Shrimp Chili Oil, cracked the half-boiled egg over it before serving.


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