Wednesday, April 20, 2022

【鸡蛋牛奶醪糟】Egg Milk with Fermented Glutinous Rice



I made fermented glutinous rice (Tapai Pulut) not long ago and used it to make Rice Huat Kueh, another dish I had in mind with the fermented glutinous rice is this Chinese dessert called Egg Milk with Fermented Glutinous Rice (鸡蛋牛奶醪糟).

I had this dessert the first time in a city in Northwest China, it was love at first try for me, I liked it so much that I had it almost everyday during my trip.

Now that I have learnt to make it at home, a bowl of this delicious and nutritious soup is such a great breakfast in the winter morning for me.

2 杯 牛奶
2 大勺 醪糟/酒酿
1 大勺 花生 切碎
1 大勺 开心果仁 切碎
1 大勺 葡萄干
1 大勺 枸杞
1 小勺 黑芝麻
1 只 鸡蛋
冰糖 适量  可无
一撮 小苏打/食用碱 

2 cup milk
2 tablespoon glutinous rice/wine
1 tablespoon roasted peanuts chopped
1 tablespoon roasted pistachios chopped
1 tablespoon raisin
1 tablespoon wolfberry
1 tsp roasted black sesame seed
1 egg
Some rock sugar  optional
a pinch of baking soda

1. 把干果都切碎准备好。

2. 锅里中火把牛奶加热,不必煮滚,煮至边上开始泛泡泡即可,加入食用碱,加入食用碱是防止酒酿和牛奶产生化学反应变成絮状。

3. 把酒酿放到筛子上沥出酒酿汁,这样也是为了避免牛奶凝固的。

4.  牛奶里加入冰糖、葡萄干和枸杞,把鸡蛋打散。

5. 把酒酿加入,拌匀后均匀倒入鸡蛋,快速搅拌,全程中小火。

6. 在鸡蛋完全凝固之前熄火,盛到碗里,撒上坚果和芝麻即可开吃。

1. Prepare all the dried fruits accordingly.

2. Heat the milk in a pot on medium heat, do not need to bring it to rolling boil, cook until bubbles start to form on the sides. Add baking soda and stir well, this is to prevent curdling of the milk when fermented rice is added.

3. Put the fermented glutinous rice on the sieve to drain the wine juice, this step is also to prevent the milk from coagulating with the wine.

4. Add rock sugar , raisins and wolfberry to the milk. Lightly beat the egg.

5. Add the fermented glutinous rice in milk and mix well, evenly drizzle the egg to form egg drops in the milk, use medium to low heat throughout the process.

6. Turn the stove off before the eggs are completely solidified, transfer to a bowl and sprinkle with nuts and sesame seeds before serving.

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