Thursday, April 13, 2023

【鸡茸玉米蛋花汤】Chicken Corn Egg Drop Soup


Chicken and Corn Egg Drop Soup is a simple, delicious soup that my son enjoys a lot. Something I make many times during the summer month, when corn is abundance in NJ. 

New Jersey has some of the best corn in the country, if you happened to visit this side of the world, make sure you try the corn out!

100 克 鸡胸/鸡腿肉 (加一点蚝油,酱油,胡椒粉和淀粉腌)
2 根 玉米
1 只 鸡蛋
4-5 杯 鸡高汤/ 或浓汤宝加水
适量 盐
少量 胡椒粉
1 1/2 小勺 淀粉 加小半碗水

100g chicken breast (marinate with a little oyster sauce, soy sauce, pepper powder and corn starch)
2 cob of corns
1 egg
4-5 cups chicken stock/or chicken bouillon with water
Salt to taste
A pinch of pepper powder
1 1/2 tsp corn starch plus half a bowl of water

1. 把鸡肉剁成茸,加一点蚝油,酱油,胡椒粉和淀粉腌制10分钟。

1. Mince the chicken, add a little oyster sauce, soy sauce, pepper powder and corn starch mixed well and marinate for 10 minutes.

2. 先把鸡肉用一点食油在锅里炒散至变色后,加入鸡高汤/浓汤宝和水。

3. 把玉米粒切出来,加到煮滚的鸡汤里,煮滚。

4. 加入淀粉水煮滚,当汤变浓后,打散一只鸡蛋,边搅拌浓汤边把鸡蛋液滴入成蛋花汤。加盐调味,吃的时候加点胡椒面。

2. Stir fry the minced chicken in a pot with a little cooking oil until it changes color, and add chicken stock/bouillon and water.

3. Cut the corn kernels from the cob, and add the corn kernels to the chicken broth and bring to a rolling boil.

4. Add corn starch with water and bring to a boil again until thickened. Beat an egg, and while stirring the soup, drop the egg into the egg into soup to form egg drops. 

5.Season with salt and add some pepper powder when serving.


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