Monday, July 24, 2023

【芒果西米露】Mango & Sago Dessert



I bought two boxes of mangoes this summer, both are very sweet, I made this Mango and Sago dessert with it and it turned out well. The whole family likes very much. 

It is really a delicious dessert especially for hot summer like today.

2-3 只芒果
20 克 西米
1 杯 椰奶/牛奶
1 小勺 蜂蜜  可无

2-3 ripe mangoes
20 g sago
1 cup coconut milk/ fresh milk
1 tsp honey optional

1. 煮滚小半锅水,加入西米煮大约5分钟至中间剩下一点白芯,熄火加盖焖10分钟。

2, 把西米过滤出来,用凉开水洗三遍,然后泡着凉开水备用。这样做出来的西米很清爽。

1. Bring half a pot of water to a rolling boil, add sago and cook for about 5 minutes at medium until there is a little white core left in the middle of sagos. Turn the heat off, cover with lid and wait for 10 minutes.

2, Strain the sago and wash it three times with cold drinking water,  soak it in cold bdrinking water and keep it aside. 

3. 芒果削皮后把果肉切下来,留一小块切丁。其他的放到搅拌机里和蜂蜜、牛奶/椰奶搅拌成糊。

4. 把搅拌好的芒果糊放到玻璃杯里,上面铺上芒果丁和西米。冰箱里冷藏十五分钟再吃更好。

3. Peel the mango and remove the seed, keep a small piece of pulp for dicing to use as decoration later. The rest of the mango pulps go into a blender, blen with honey, milk/coconut milk until smooth.

4. Place the blended mango into glasses, top with diced mango and sago. Chill in the fridge for fifteen minutes before serving.

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