Sunday, July 30, 2023

【胖大海炖梨】Malva Nut and Asian Pear Drink



A friend sent two boxes of Asian pears she picked during fruit thinning in her garden. They are small in size but very sweet nontheless. 

I used a few of them to make this refreshing drink, a good way to stay cool during this heatwave.

2 只 亚洲梨
3-4 颗 胖大海

2 Asian pears
3-4 Malva Nuts
Some honey or rock sugar

1. 把胖大海洗净后泡到凉开水里一晚上,第二天去皮去种子,只留下棉絮状的部分,泡凉开水备用。

1. Clean the Malva seeds and soak it in drinking water overnight. 

2. The next day, remove the skin and the pits, leaving only the sponge-like blobs, and soak them in  water for later use.

2. 把雪梨削皮切丁(我的雪梨比较小,用了好几颗。)。

3. 锅里注入半锅水把雪梨丁入锅煮20分钟左右,加入胖大海继续煮5分钟即可。

4. 可加入冰糖调味,或喝的时候加入一点蜂蜜。

3. Peel and dice the pears (my pears are relatively small so I used several of them.).

4. Place the diced pears into half a pot of water to cook for about 20 minutes, add the Malva nuts blobs and continue to cook for 5 more minutes.

5. You can add rock sugar now to sweeten the drink, or add a little honey while drinking.

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