Friday, August 11, 2023

【九层塔煎蛋】Thai Basil Omelette

I sprinkled some Thai basil seeds sometimes around spring and a bunch of the seedlings came out! 

I have been pulling some out to make dishes and still, I have plenty. So today, basil omelette it is. 

年初撒了一把泰式罗勒种子到门口,结果长了一堆好密集。 间了好几次苗,也吃了好几茬了,还有那么多。 今天就做个九层塔煎蛋吧!

1把/150 克左右 九层塔 
3-4 只 中型鸡蛋 
1/2 小勺 料酒 可无
1/2 小勺 盐
两滴 鱼露  可无
一撮 胡椒粉

1 bunch  or 150 gm of Thai Basil
3-4 medium size egg
1/2 tsp cooking wine (Optional)
1/2 tsp salt
2 drops of Fish Sauce  Optional
A pinch of pepper powder

1. 把摘来的九层塔洗净摘好沥干备用。

2. 鸡蛋磕入碗里,加入料酒,盐,鱼露和一点胡椒粉,打至起泡。

3. 锅里加点油,把九层塔炒至变色,倒入鸡蛋,两面煎黄,就好啦!超简单!

1. Wash and picked the Thai basil, drain and keep it aside.

2. Crack and whisk egg with cooking wine, salt, fish sauce and pepper powder together, as shown in the picture.

3. In a cooking pan, add some oil and stir fry the basil leaves for about 30 seconds, until the color darken, pour in the whisked egg, and fry both sides until golden brown in color. 

This omelette goes well with rice and congee.

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