Thursday, February 6, 2014

Kerabu Nanas/旺来沙拉

Pineapple is pronounce as "ONG LAI" in Hokkian, which also means "Good fortune come my way" in Hokkian!! A very obvious reason why pineapple is a must when it comes to the prayer and celebration of Chinese New Year!

This year as usual I had Chinese new year celebration with a couple of friends, I made a pot of Sea cucumber braised pig trotter -- also a very typical Hokkianese food and this "Good Fortune" Salad.

I am tagging along with this post to wish everybody a good fortune year ahead with lots and lots of laughter and luck!!

1/2 Pineapple (Skinned, remove core)
1 small Japanese cucumber
8-10 Cherry Tomatoes
2-3 Shallot
1 tbsp of dried shrimp (Soaked in Hot water) For Vegetarian/Vegan version, remove this from the list
Handful of roasted peanut

For Dressing:
1 tbsp vinegar/lime/lemon juice
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp ABC Sambal Asli Tropical Chili Sauce  or 3-4  Thai Chilli, minced

Note:If Thai Chili instead of ABC Chili sauce is used, add a pinch of salt for seasoning.

1. Cut pineapple and cucumber into small pieces, slice shallot thinly, halve the cherry tomatoes and place them all in a big salad bowl. Leave it in the refrigerator for about 1/2 an hour to chill while you prepare other ingredients.

2. Use a mortar and pestle to pound the roasted peanuts until it is coarsely crushed. Remove and then pound the dried shrimp until it is also crushed.

3. Add the dressing and mixed the salad, sprinkle some peanut and dried shrimp before serving.

Note:Try to add the dressing ONLY before serving, this will prevent the pineapple and cucumber becoming soggy.

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