Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Tau Yu Bak 【豆油肉】

I gotta insist that one pronounce the name of this dish in Hokkian (Minnan), light soy sauce is called "Tau Yu" and meat in Hokkian is called "Bak" thus the name of this dish, Tau Yu bak means meat braised in light soy sauce! It is a very typical Hokkian/Minnan dish and the recipe is often heritage and passed down from mother to daughter, so you can now guess where I got mine from!

The preparation is a little similar to its close cousin  "Hong Shao Rou/红烧肉", but Tau Yu Bak has thinner gravy and is almost always prepared with fried tofu cutlets and hard boiled eggs.

My dad's favourite way to enjoy this dish is to drizzle the gravy over steamed rice and mixed before digging in. I did the same for my son A and he had a big bowl of it!

这款炖肉要用闽南语来说,酱油闽南语里叫“豆油”,Tau Yu Bak (豆油肉)就是酱油肉的意思。有点类似卤肉,但没有卤肉那么浓郁,汤汁也更稀一些。我爸很喜欢用豆油肉的汤汁拌饭吃,前两天我也这么拌了给俊宝吃,他很喜欢哦!

400 gm of pork belly (Clean and cut into bite size)
3 pieces of Fried tofu Cutlets
5-6 hard boiled eggs
1 whole head of garlic (remove the thin film on the outer part, cleaned)
2 star anise
2 inches of cinnamon  OR 2 slices of bay leaves

3 tbsp Light Soy Sauce
1 tbsp Dark Caremalized Soy Sauce
5-6 or 1 tbsp of rock sugar
A pinch of white pepper powder
Salt to taste  Optional

400 克 五花肉  (洗净切块)
3 块 炸豆腐干
5-6 只 白水煮蛋
1 整 颗蒜头 (去薄膜洗净备用)
2 只 八角/大料
1 段 桂皮  或 2 片桂叶

3 tbsp 生抽/酱油
1 tbsp 晒油/黑酱油/Dark Caremalized Soy Sauce
5-6 颗 冰糖
一撮 白胡椒粉
盐  Optional (我没用)

1. Heat 1-2 tbsp of oil in a cooking wok, add rock sugar and stir until dissolved and caramelized. Add pork belly and stir until it changes color, add whole garlic, cinnamon/bay leaves and star anise. Meanwhile, boil the eggs and remove shell.

2. Cut the tofu cutlets into triangular in shapes, add the tofu into wok and stir cook together with the rest of ingredients. Transfer the content in the wok to a cooking pot, add enough water to submerge all ingredients, season with light soy sauce, caramelized soy sauce, bring to boil and turn to medium low, cover with lid and cook for 20 minutes.

3. Add hard boiled eggs and cook for another 20-30 minutes until the pork belly become tender. Add a little white pepper powder, adjust taste with salt if you needed. Switch off the stove and let the braised pork steep for another half hour before serving.

1. 锅内热上 1-2 大勺油,加入冰糖炒糖色,加入切块的五花肉翻炒一分钟,加入蒜,桂皮/桂叶和八角。把鸡蛋煮好剥壳备用。

2. 炸豆腐切三角型,加入一起翻炒。把所有材料倒入一口深锅里,加水没过材料之后加入酱油,黑酱油后大火煮滚转中小火炖20分钟。

3. 20分钟后加入白水蛋翻匀一起再炖20-30分钟至五花肉变软为止。加点胡椒粉增香后试试味道,不够咸可以加点盐调味。熄火后再虚焖半个小时再吃味道更好。


  1. 好怀念这道豆油肉!好久都没吃了,来你这里“视吃视吃”!

    1. haha...好有意思的一句话。。。你试试做一次,很好吃哦!

  2. 我今天煮了这个,好吃!