Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Blue Pea Flower Ice Cubes in Milk 蝶豆花冰牛奶

I made Blue Chai and Natural Blue Soda using the butterfly pea flower my mom sent before. I then freeze some of the unsweetened blue chai in a cute dinosaur ice cube box and use it as to serve with some cold milk for my son's play date, it is so cute and beautiful that all kids enjoyed it thoroughly.

前阵子我用娘家给我准备的蝶豆花干做了消暑健康的蓝花/蝶豆花茶 和 梦幻蝶豆花饮料



Few Ice cubes made with Blue Chai/Butterfly pea flower water
Cold Organic milk


1. Bring 1 cup water to boil and steep the dried blue pea flowers for 12-15 minutes. Strain the liquid and discard the flowers.

2. Let cool and pour into ice cube mold, make into cute little dinosaur ice cubes.

3. Place the little ice cubes in glasses and pour cold milk over to serve.

1. 在一口小锅里煮滚一杯水,把蝶豆花加入加盖泡12-15分钟。过滤后把蝶豆花取出丢弃。

2. 冷却之后倒入模里制成冰块。

3. 把制好的冰块放到杯子里,倒入冰牛奶即可。

Blue Pea Flower has the effect of preventing high blood pressure, anti-inflammatory.

It also contain anthocyanins that can prevent fat accumulation. In addition, Blue Pea Flower also contains vitamin A, C, E, very good for kid's health.



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