Sunday, July 9, 2017

How to grow bean sprouts at home 在家自己发豆芽

Mung bean sprout is one very common ingredient for cooking back home. I like to use it in my stir fry noodle/rice noodle dishes. The shop bought bean sprouts are sometimes not fresh and turned bad within days before I could use them.

I started growing my own bean sprouts at home using an old kettle at first. I then progressed to using just a normal bowl with a lid, the lid should be slightly heavy and covers most if not all of the beans.

I have since able to grow very healthy and delicious sprouts at home.




1/2 cup organic mung bean
1 large serving bowl (2 inches in depthness)
A lid that could cover the base of the bowl
Kitchen towel or muslin cloth

1/2 杯 有机绿豆
一个大盆 (深度至少2寸)
一张厨房纸 或 纱布

1. Clean and soak the bean for one night, the shell of beans should start breaking the next morning if the weather is warm.

2. Wash the beans once the next morning before placing it in the large bowl, the beans should just be about 1-2 layers at the base of the bowl. Cover the beans with kitchen towel/muslin cloth. Place the lid over the kitchen towel.

Note: Make sure you sanitize the bowl and lid, it should be very clean to prevent mold growing.

3. From now on, do below steps 3-5 times every day for 3-5 days. Step 1: Add clean water from the side of the bowl until overflow. Step 2: Lightly shake the bowl with lid on to make sure all of the beans touches the water. Step 3: Without opening the lid, slowly pour the water out until it is almost drained. The lid should be covering the beans all the time to keep the beans in the dark, otherwise the sprouts will turn red and taste bitter.

1. 把豆子洗净泡水一个晚上,天暖的话第二天绿豆壳就开始裂开了。

2. 第二天把豆子再洗一遍,平铺在大盆底,盖上厨房纸后再加个盖子,盖子必须刚好把所有豆子都覆盖住,最好还有点重量。


3. 从边上注入清水,注满后轻轻摇晃后把水倒掉,尽量倒干。这个过程盖子不可打开,避免豆子见光变红。这个步骤可以每天进行3-5次,最少3次。

4. Harvest the sprouts when they are between 2-3 inches, I find my sprouts taste the best around 4th days in summer and 6-7 days in colder weather. I harvested this batch on day 5, it is already longer and thinner than I would like.

5. Rinse the sprouts in cold water to remove shells, place unused sprouts in cold water and refrigerate up to 2-3 days.

4. 大约4-5天之后豆芽就可以收成了,我为了拍照还是把豆子打开了好几次,边上的好些因为见光都变红了。其实豆芽目前的这个天气在第四天就收成口感最好。我前一天比较忙,等到第五天才收成就太细长了点。

5. 收成的豆芽用个大盆盛凉水漂洗几次把豆衣洗去即可使用。没用完的豆芽泡凉水摆到冰箱里可以收藏好几天。

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