Sunday, July 23, 2017

Sugary triangle buns 糖三角

In the old days, when there is extra dough, while making meat/vegetable steamed buns, the housewives will use sugar as the filling. These buns are made into triangle shape to differentiate from the other buns with different kind of fillings.

The kids in the house normally liked the sugar filling buns much more than the meat/veggie ones. I have added some roasted black sesame powder in my fillings, it is much tastier than just sugar and flour!





For the dough:
250 g all purpose flour
135-140 g warm water
5 g Yeast
5 g Sugar
1 g Salt

Sugar filling:
2 tbsp all purpose flour    roasted
2 tbsp Black sesame seeds  roasted
4-5 tbsp of Brown sugar/organic sugar


250 克 中筋面粉
135-140 克 温水
5 克 酵母
5 克 白糖
1 克 食盐

2 大勺 中筋面粉   煸香
2 大勺 黑芝麻  煸香
4-5 大勺 红糖/有机糖
少许 香油
少许 橄榄油

1. Mix together all ingredients under the dough to form a dough, leave it in a warm place to rise to double its size, around 1 hour.

2. Take the dough out and punch out the air, knead the dough again to form a soft dough.

3. Roll the dough into a long log. Divide the log into 10 equal parts, roll each of them into small balls.

1. 把面团里所有的材料合成一个软硬适中的面团,放到温暖处让面团发成两倍大。需要大约1个小时。

2. 把面团取出揉出空气,揉成长条状然后分割成10份,然后揉成小球状,饧面15分钟。

4. Place 2 tbsp of wheat flour in a ceramic bowl and microwave it for 1 minute, take it out, give it a quick stir, microwave for another minute. Add 2 tbsp of black sesame seeds and microwave for another 1 minutes 30 seconds. Let cool.

Note: The time of microwaving will depend on the wattage of your microwave.

5. Place roasted flour, sesame seeds and sugar in a coffee grinder and grind into powder. Add 10 drops of sesame oil and 10 drops of olive oil and mix well.

6.  Take a small dough and roll into a round disc, place 2 tsp of filling in the middle of  the disc. Bring it together to make a triangle shape, pinch to seal.

7. Make all the doughs and filling into triangle buns, place the buns into bamboo steamer. Proof for 20 minutes and steam at medium heat for 20 minutes. Switch off the stove and wait for 5 minutes before taking the buns out.

3. 发面的时候准备糖馅,把面粉入微波炉里转1分钟后取出,拌匀再转1分钟。加入黑芝麻拌匀,入微波炉转1分钟三十秒。

4. 冷却后加入红糖/有机糖倒入磨豆机里磨成粉状,滴入大约十滴的香油/麻油和十滴的橄榄油,拌匀备用。也可以不加黑芝麻,只用炒香的面粉。

5.  取个小面团擀圆,把2小勺左右拌好的糖馅放在面片中央,捏成三角形,边缘捏紧。

6. 把所有的面团依次擀好做成糖三角,放到蒸笼里。饧20分钟,再中火蒸20分钟。熄火后稍等5分钟再开锅取出糖三角。

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