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【自制酒酿】Fermented Glutinous Rice



Fermented Glutinous Rice, or jiu niang (酒酿), has several other names depending on which part of China one is from, it is also called Sweet Rice Wine, 甜米酒 (tian mi jiu) 醪糟 (lao zao,米酒 (mi jiu), 甜酒 (tian jiu), 糯米酒 (nuo mi jiu), and 江米酒 (jiang mi jiu). 

It is made with glutinous rice (also called sticky rice, or sweet rice), fermented with distiller’s yeast, it is believed to be very good for women, especially after childbirth, during the confinement period.

I liked using it in several sweet dishes such as Sweet Osmanthus Jiuniang TangYuan, its culinary possibility doesn't end at sweet dishes, it could also be used as a rising agent for buns and cakes. Which I will introduced whenever I have a chance.


200 克 糯米

1/3 颗 甜酒曲  1/2 小勺 酒曲粉

适量 凉开水 


200 g Glutinous rice

1/3 ball of Sweet rice wine yeast (酒曲)(around 1/2 tsp in powder form)

Boiled and cooled water

1. 把糯米洗净浸泡一晚上,第二天沥干水份后放到蒸笼或蒸碗里,用手指在米里插几个孔,让蒸米饭的时候热气散发更均匀。

2. 把糯米入蒸笼大火蒸35-40分钟,别蒸烂了,整出来的米粒应该还是完整的。

3. 蒸好的米饭稍微弄散,降至室温后摆到一个干净带盖的容器里。

4. 取甜酒曲一只,捣碎或用擀面杖碾碎。

5. 把1/3的酒曲加到1/3杯水里混合,酒曲粉不溶解到水里是正常的。

6. 把酒曲和水均匀地洒到米饭里,把手洗净后稍微把糯米弄散,加了水的糯米很好散开,力道别太大,别把糯米捏烂了,米粒烂了做出来的米酒会酸。

7. 把米饭抹平后中间弄个孔方便观察。

1. Wash and soak the glutinous rice overnight. Drained and place the rice in a steamer or baking pan, poke a few holes in the rice to allow even heating during the steaming process.

2. Steam the rice for 35-40 minutes at high, The rice should be cooked yet still in whole grain shape.

3. Loosen the cooked rice and let it cool to room temperature, place it in a sanitized container with lid.

4. Crush a piece of Sweet rice wine yeast into powder, I did it in my trusted mini copper mortar and pestle. You can use a rolling pin and zipped lock bag method too.

5. Add the crushed yeast into 1/3 cup of water, mixed well, the yeast will not dissolve and it is OK, the point is to allow the yeast distribute as evenly as possible in the rice.

6. Add the yeast and water into the glutinous rice in circular motion, break the rice loose by hand, make sure you do it gently, do no knead and makes the rice crumble.

7. Leveled the rice and make a hole in the middle, the hole is used for observation purpose.

8. 加盖放到温暖干净处发酵24-36个小时,按室温调整时间。

9. 当糯米中间的孔开始溢出水份,闻起来有酒香味时,取干净的凉开水倒入没过米饭,这个步骤是减缓米饭转换成酒精的速度,也是确保酒酿保持甜度的重要步骤。

10. 让酒酿继续呆在室温6个小时后即可装到干净无油的玻璃罐里冷藏,做好的酒酿尽量在2周内吃完。

8. Place the rice with lid on at warm, clean place for 24-36 hours, depending on the room temperature.

9. When liquid starts releasing from the rice and you can see it through the hole in the middle, and the rice started smelling like wine, it is time to add more water to the rice, this step is to slow the fermentation process so that the rice didn't turn into alcohol completely. The water added should be just slightly submerging the rice.

10. Leave the rice that way at room temperature for another 6 hours before scooping it into clean glass container and store in the refrigerator. Use as and when needed within 2 weeks.


Note; Make sure every tool and containers used in the process are clean and sanitized, hand washed before touching the rice. Water used to make the rice wine should be boiled and cooled to room temperature. 



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