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【石灰水】Limewater/Air Kapur







Limewater is used in many Malaysian dishes to help retain shape of fruits/vegetables during cooking process, it is also the secret ingredient in making the batter for fry foods batter that stays crispy for a long time.

Some people back in Malaysia add Slaked lime (Kapur Sirih) or Calcium hydroxide into frying batter to achieve the crispy effect, I personally like to use limewater in my batter since it is colorless and odorless and doesn't change the ratio and consistency of my batter at all.

Making limewater at home is really straight forward and simple, as long as you can get hold of the main ingredient - - Slaked Lime, sometimes also called Pickling lime, Kapur Sirih in Malay, Nam Pboon Sai   น้ำปูนใส in Thai, "Cal" in Spanish.

Slaked Lime is the main ingredients in the Paan/betel chewing practice, so you can easily find this ingredient at any shops that sells Paan/Betel nuts. 

(Hint : Try a traditional Indian grocery shop, Hispanic grocery store or Thai/Vietnamese Grocery stores. Just make sure you purchase food grade lime, not the one for construction use, which may consist lead.)


1 盒/ 100 克 石灰膏

150 克 水



1 box/100 g of Slaked Lime 

150 ml of water

A clean jar with lid

1. 把石灰膏和水加到玻璃罐里,搅拌匀即可。

2. 剩下的就交给时间,等石灰膏沉淀到底部,每次使用时只取透明的液体部分。

3. 取完再加清水加盖摇晃,石灰和水再次混合变得浑浊,就再次静置即可。

4. 以上步骤可以不断循环至某一天,你新加了水之后摇晃水不再十分浑浊,石灰和水很快就分开沉淀,那就是时候换上新的石灰膏啦!不过,除非你家是做食品买卖的,不然换石灰膏的机会应该很少,至少我家的用了起码七八年了,石灰水仍然如如不动,似乎什么事都从来没有发生过。。。。。。

5. 至于储存条件,它不挑,不须冷藏,就和其他厨房用品一起储存在干爽清洁的空间即可。

1. To make limewater from slaked lime, just add  100 g of slaked lime to 150 ml of water, stir well and cover with lid.

2. Now all you need to do is just wait, when the lime settled at the bottom, the clear liquid is what you use for cooking.

3. Clean water can be replenished every time the limewater is used, shakes to mix the water with slaked lime until it looks clouded again, and let the lime settled at the bottom.

4. Repeat the process as long as the slaked lime remains cloudy when shakes up with fresh water added. When the water remains clear even after shaking up, that is the time to make a new one with new slake lime. But let me tell you, I have not had to buy new slaked lime for at least 7-8 years now. So you know.... 

5. Just store the lime paste in a jar filled with clean water at room temperature. There is no need to refrigerate it.


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