Monday, September 21, 2015

Steamed Lobak (Radish) Cake 【腊味萝卜糕】

Steamed radish cake (Lobak kuih) is something I never missed when I go for Chinese dim sum. 

It is also not very difficult to make at home, though. You can also turn it into fried lobak kuih the next day, a good breakfast choice I dare say.


1 Radish 550-600 gm (shredded)
1/2 Chinese Sausage, soaked remove casing and chopped as fine as you can.
2 Dried mushroom soak and chopped into fine cubes
1 tsp dried shrimp (washed, soaked and chopped)
2 strips of bacon,cut into small stripes
1/4 cup of Fried Shallot 
2 cup/300 g Rice flour 
1/4 cup/35 g Tapioca starch 
1/5 tsp Chinese five spices 
1/4 tsp Pepper powder
1/2 tsp of Salt or to taste

1 根 550-600 克的 萝卜 (擦丝)
1/2 根 广式腊肠 切碎
2 朵 香菇 切碎
1 小勺 虾米 泡软切碎
2 条 咸肉/Bacon 切小条
1/4 杯 红葱 切片炸成葱酥
2 杯/300克 粘米粉
1/4 杯/35 克 菱粉/木薯粉
1/5 tsp 五香粉 
1/4 tsp 胡椒粉 
1/2 tsp 或适量 盐

1. In a cooking pan, pour in one cup of water or chicken stock, boil shredded radish till it turns transparence.

2. Whisk together rice flour, tapioca flour, salt and 1 1/2 cups of water to form a batter.

3. In another frying pan, fry the bacon with a little oil until the fat releases, add chinese sausage, mushroom and dried shrimp, stir until fragrant, add five spices and pepper powder.

4. Add cooked radish into the cooking pan together with fried shallot, turn well. Pour the batter in, keep stirring till the batter become sticky and started to leave the pan, around 2-3 minutes.

5. Brush or spray a thin layer of oil on a baking pan, place the dough in the pan, using a wrapping film with the help of your palm slowly press the dough down till it is well spread and smooth on the top.

6. Steam the cake at high heat for 1 hour. Let it cool down completely before taking it out from the pan. 

1. 萝卜去皮擦丝后加一杯水(或者鸡汤)煮成透明状。
2. 锅里下一点点油把咸肉爆香之后倒入其他的材料一起倒入炒。加入五香粉和胡椒粉,把刚刚煮好的萝卜丝倒入锅里,加入葱酥。
3. 把粘米粉和粟米粉用1 1/2杯的水调成糊状。加盐调味后把米糊倒入刚刚煮好的萝卜丝里,小火一边煮一遍搅拌至米糊成团、开始离锅即可。

4. 把炒好的粉团和材料装到抹了油的烤盘里,表面抹一点油,用保鲜纸盖着然后慢慢压平,放到蒸笼里蒸1个小时。冷却之后倒出来。切片即可沾了海鲜酱吃。
You can serve it fresh with chili sauce or hoisin sauce. Or shallow fry till it turn golden colour.


中文版 -- 广式萝卜糕