Sunday, September 27, 2015

Mee Kari/Curry Mee 【马来咖喱面】

Being out of Malaysia means a good bowl of curry mee is hard to come by, even back home though, it is getting harder to find good curry mee around. Too many hawker owners either taking shortcuts in preparing the broth or using inferior ingredients to prepare the dish.

I received multiple requests for the recipe for this dish over the years and made too many rain-checks that I am starting to feel guilty.

It took me sometimes to finally work on it for gathering ingredients itself takes quite a bit of time, the actual cooking process too is no brisk walk, it is tedious and lengthy.

But it was so well worth it when I finally got to sit down to enjoy a bowl of this delicious dish, craving fixed and recipe recorded. Sigh of relief!!


近年来即使在马来西亚也越来越难找到原汁原味的叻沙/咖喱面了。繁琐的工序和多样化的材料让很多小贩都在工序和材料上找捷径, 那些让人缅怀的味道也只有在家不怕麻烦地重寻了。


For the curry broth:

Ingredients A:to be blended into paste
12  around 100 gms of Shallots
8 cloves of garlic
20 dried chillies soaked and seeds removed
6 fresh red chillies or 2 red cow horn chillies
1  1.5 inches of galangal
1 1/2 tbsp Belacan (Shrimp paste)
3-4 tbsp dried shrimp (cleaned, soaked)
5-6 Candlenuts or substitute with Cashew Nuts

Ingredients B:
2 tbsp Meat Curry Powder
1000 ml (35 oz)of chicken stock or pork bone broth
500 ml (18 oz) coconut milk
1/2 cup cooking oil
1/3 cup Fried Shallots
1 stalk of lemongrass  (use only the white part, bruised)
1 tsp Dried flounder powder/dried anchovies powder/Chicken stock cube
2 tsp salt or to taste
2 tbsp Light Soy Sauce

300 gm Alkaline noodle/Oil Noodle  cooked to 70% done
150 gm Rice vermicelli (Soaked for 10 minutes) cooked to 70% done
100 gm Bean sprout cleaned and blanched
100 gm Long bean cut into 1.5 inches in length and blanched
80 gm Blood cockle  blanched and shelled
100 gm Fish cake sliced blanched
100 gm cuttle fish or shredded chicken
8-10 prawn/shrimp cooked, deveined and shelled
100 gm or 1 packet of puffed tofu halved

12 颗/ 80 克 红葱头  Shallots
8 瓣/ 50 克 蒜瓣
20 根 辣椒干 泡软 去籽 
6 根 红辣椒 或 2 根 牛角椒
1 段 1.5 寸的兰姜
1 1/2 tbsp 的 虾酱  Belacan
3-4 tbsp 虾米 (洗净,泡软)
5-6 颗 石古仔  Candle Nuts   或 一把 腰果 Cashew Nuts 代替

1000 ml (35 oz)的高汤
500 ml (18 oz) 椰浆
1/2 cup 食油
1/3 cup 红葱酥
1 根香茅  取白色部分,切段拍扁
2 tsp 或适量 食盐
2 tbsp 酱油/生抽

300 克 油面/碱面  烫七分熟
150 克 米粉 (泡软) 烫七分熟
100 克 豆芽  洗净 烫半熟
100 克 豇豆/长豆  切段洗净烫熟
80 克 血蛤  烫半熟取肉备用
100 克 鱼豆腐/鱼片  切片 烫熟
100 克 鱿鱼  或 鸡肉丝  切花烫卷
8-10 只虾 烫熟备用
2-3 只水煮蛋  切半

100 克 一包 的 油豆腐/豆腐卜  切半

1. Blend together all ingredients listed under A with a little water. Pour the paste into a deep pot and cook with 1/2 cup of cooking oil until oil separated at the edge.

2. Add 2 tbsp of curry powder and lemongrass, turn and cook until fragrant. Add puffed tofu.

3. Add stock/broth and bring to rolling boil, turn the heat to medium low and cook for 25-30 minutes, season with salt,  dried flounder powder/dried anchovies powder/Chicken stock cube, add coconut milk and cook for another few minutes.

1. 把材料A里所有材料加一点水搅拌成糊状。倒入一口深锅里煮滚之后加入1/2 杯食油熬至边上泛油,香味溢出。

2. 加入拍扁的香茅和2 tbsp的咖喱粉,中火翻炒至香味溢出。加入油豆腐/豆腐卜翻炒。

3. 倒入高汤大火煮滚后转小火熬煮25-30 分钟,加盐,大地鱼粉/鸡精/江鱼仔粉调味,再加入椰酱煮滚。

4. Fry shallots/shallot oil while the curry soup is simmering on the stove. Add 1/3 cup of fried shallots into the curry soup, cook for another 10 munites, season with a little soy sauce if you wish.

5. Blanch and prepare all other ingredients. Place alkaline noodle and rice noodle in a big bowl with all other accompaniments. Bring curry soup to boil, ladle over noodles.

4. 熬煮咖喱汤的时候可以炸葱头油,把1/3杯的炸葱头/葱酥(葱油不用)加入咖喱汤里,再熬10分钟至香气出来,可适量加入酱油调味。

5. 把其它的配料全准备好,在一口碗里摆上米粉和油面,把配料都摆好,淋上滚烫的咖喱汤即可。

You can also use a little sambal tumis to go with the curry mee.


  1. Hi...The portion for this recipe is for how many person?

  2. And when I visited kl curry stall few month ago,they separate the Santan and the you know how to make the santan portion?