Monday, January 11, 2016

Seri Kaya (Coconut Egg Jam)

Toast or steamed bread with butter and Kaya used to be THE breakfast back home,my aunt made great Kaya using Duck eggs it was so silky and tasty that I could still feel it in my mouth...

As I grew more homesick in winter and missing the warm nice weather at my homeland, I decided its time to make something special for breakfast !

350 gm Sugar
4 Large eggs
8-10 Pandan Leaves (Screwpine leaves)
450 ml/16 oz/450 gm coconut milk (Frozen or fresh)
2-3 drops Pandan essence    Optional

1. Wash and cut pandan leaves into small pieces, blend in blender with coconut milk and strain to discard pulp.

2. Use the same blender to mix together eggs and sugar. Strain the mixture  through a strainer into the same container (try to use stainless steel pot) with coconut milk and pandan.

3. Bring half pot of water to rolling boil, the pot should be bigger than the stainless steel container we use to make kaya.

4. Place the stainless steel container over boiling water/double boiler. At low heat keep stirring the mixture until it is cooked and become smooth. You can take short breaks in between, I stirred mine every 2-3 minutes. Just to make sure not to make long break in between, else the kaya will become lumpy. It took me about 75 minutes to make a very silky and smooth Kaya.

5. Cooled completely before storring into a jar, refrigerate up to 1 month.

Note: A good slow cooked kaya is normally very smooth by itself. If yours didn't turn out to be very smooth, not too worry. Just blend it using a mixer when it is done and grind it until smooth.

中文 --  咖央/Seri Kaya


  1. Hi Echo

    Just across your blog via "My KItchen Snippets" and your cooking got me 'addicted' to your blog for hours non-stop! (It's way past mignight now, it's a work day tomorrow & I'm still browsing your recipes!)

    I'm very keen to try this Kaya recipes - but have couple of qs hope you could oblige. In which step should I add in the screwpine leaves + the pandan essence? When boiling the caramel?

    Many thanks in advance!!
    Ling from London

  2. Hi Ling, Welcome to my blog... I have edited the recipe... I add Screwpine leaves and essence while cooking the kaya...

  3. Hi Echo,

    Are you using double-boiled method or cooked direct and stirred constantly on the stove with low fire?



    1. Hi Melissa,

      Sorry for a little late in reply, I cooked my kaya directly on the stove with low fire... and I did blend it with handheld mixer when it was done to make it smoother.