Monday, September 12, 2011

Calamansi Juice/ Air Limau

Calamansi/Limau Kasturi Juice was a very refreshing beverage found only in the south east asia.

This particular citrus fruit is a very useful ingredient in the house. It could be use in cooking, season for soup, make into dipping sauce, salad dressing, beverage,cocktail,it is also a natural cleanser/deodorizer, we use this to clean our hand after cutting/cleaning fish!

Beside all that, I simply just love the smell and taste of it!I found not just Pandan leaves in Arizona this time, I also found this fresh Calamansi that I missed so much...

Since it's Mooncake festival today, and I had way too many Mooncake... its time to have this refreshing drink to help digest!

2-3 tbsp Calamansi juice (Squeeze around 5-6 calamansi and use the juice)
1 tsp Honey/Sugar
Drinking water
Ice cube

Fresh Calamansi...

Squeeze out the juice...

Mix drinking water, honey and calamansi juice. Add some ice cube, and its ready!

中文版,For Chinese,Click --》酸柑水


  1. Don't waste the seeds, plant them.

  2. Oh wendy,thanks for reminding me!!

    Will go and sow the seeds right away!