Wednesday, September 28, 2011

【豇豆/菜豆煎蛋】Long Bean Fried Egg

在吉隆坡生活的时候,最经常吃的午饭就是到“杂饭档”打包一个饭盒。 一个鱼或者肉,一个蛋,一个菜,加上白饭,就是很丰富的一餐了。


This dish just brought me  all the way back to life in KL...

I used to packed my lunch box (Fan Hup) from the hawker stall that sell mixed rice (Zap Fan), meaning mix dishes with rice, the hawker will hand you half a box of white rice and you could choose any type of dishes normally consist of all sort of home cook-liked dishes.

Its economical, and very comforting food.... indeed.


1把/300克左右 豇豆/菜豆/豆角 (切碎)

3 只 中型鸡蛋 

1 小勺 料酒 (Optional)

1/2 小勺 盐

一撮 胡椒粉

1 bunch  or 300 gm of long bean  (cut into 1/2 cm in length)
3 medium size egg
1 tsp cooking wine (Optional)
1/2 tsp salt
A pinch of pepper powder

1. 鸡蛋磕入碗里,加入料酒,盐和一点胡椒粉,打至起泡。

2. 锅里加点油,把豇豆/菜豆炒至变色,倒入鸡蛋,两面煎黄,就好啦!超简单!

1. Crack and whisk egg with cooking wine, salt and pepper powder together, as shown in the picture.

2. In a cooking pan, add some oil and stir fry long bean until the color darken, pour in whisked egg, and fry both sides until golden brown in color. 

This omelette goes well with rice and congee...

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