Tuesday, June 13, 2023

【仙草水】【仙草豆奶】Grass Jelly Drinks & Cincau Soya



前几天加拿大的野火导致纽约附近的雾霾都很严重, 这样的天气让人感觉很不舒服,刚好我前阵子买了罐仙草罐头,也做了些豆奶,今天就做一些清凉好喝的仙草水和马来西亚人喜欢的仙草豆奶喝。


The wildfires in Canada has caused severe haze at where we are. The air condition really made it hard to do much activities, I was having headache and scratchy throat all the time.

I just bought a can of Grass jelly not long ago and made some soy milk few days back. I decided to make some refreshing and delicious Grass jelly water and grass jelly soy milk that Malaysians like to drink to calm my throat.

These two drinks are very popular cold drinks among Malaysians. Usually sold at street stalls you must try it if you have a chance!

一包/一罐 仙草

1 packet/can of Grass Jelly
Soy Milk

1. 把买来的仙草切碎,加入凉开水拌匀后加入薄荷糖浆调味。加冰块即可冷饮。

2. 或者把切碎的仙草加入到豆浆里,加入薄荷糖浆调味。加冰块即可冷饮。

1. Cut the grass jelly into small pieces, add cold water and mix well, add mint syrup to taste. Serve cold with ice cubes.

2. Or add the grass jelly to cold soy milk, and add mint syrup to taste. Serve cold with ice cubes.

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