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【马来大虾绿咖喱】Gulai Udang

这款“绿咖喱” 其实马来语叫Gulai,和一般香料用得很多的咖喱不太一样。它用的都是生鲜香草调味,口味上也趋于清淡,是简单又健康的一款佳肴。

This  Malaysian "green curry" is actually called Gulai in Malay. Which is different from the many common curries that most people are used to. 

It is prepared with mostly fresh herbs and tends to be lighter in texture. It is a simple and healthy delicacy that goes well with rice.

10-12 只 大虾 
一小把 四季豆
200 ml/克 椰浆
2 片 亚参片 (Assam Keping)
1 根 香茅 (切3-4寸长,拍扁)

4 瓣 红葱头
4 瓣 蒜瓣
4-5 根 朝天椒 (可按自己喜好增减)
2 大勺 小鱼干 或 虾干 可无
1 寸 姜黄  或 1 小勺 姜黄粉
1 小勺 虾酱 (Belachan)

1 小勺 食盐
1 小勺 糖

10-12 Large Shrimps
1 bunch of French Bean
200 ml/g Coconut milk
2 slices of dried Garcinia (Assam Keping)
1 stick of lemongrass

For the Paste:(Blend together to form a paste)
4 Shallots
4 Cloves of Garlics
4-5 Thai Chili (Or fresh red chili for less heat)
2 tbsp of dried shrimps
1 inch of Turmeric or 1 tsp of turmeric powder
1 stalk of lemongrass (use about 4-5 inches of the white tender part)
1 tsp Belachan

1 tsp of Salt
1 tsp of sugar

1. 红葱头、蒜瓣、朝天椒 (可按自己喜好增减)、虾干、姜黄和虾酱搅拌成糊状。

2. 锅里下2大勺油把搅拌好的咖喱糊入锅煸炒香,加入亚参片和香茅(稍微拍扁)稍微翻炒。

3. 把大虾洗净去须去肠泥,四季豆处理好掰成小段备用。

4. 倒入 1大杯水和一半的椰浆,把大虾和四季豆入锅,煮滚。

5. 加入剩下的椰浆,加入盐和糖调味即可。

1. Blend shallots, garlic cloves, chili  (you can increase or decrease the chili according to your preference), dried shrimp, turmeric and shrimp paste to make a paste.

2. Add 2 tablespoons of oil in a cooking pan, add the curry paste into the pan and stir-fry until fragrant, add the asam and lemongrass (slightly smashed) and cook for a while.

3. Clean the prawns,, and the French beans, break the French bean into 2 inches in length.

4. Add 1 large cup of water to the pan and half of the coconut milk, add the prawns and green beans into the pot, bring to a boil.

5. Add the remaining coconut milk, season with salt and sugar, cook for 5 more minutes until prawns are cooked. Serve with steamed rice.

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