Saturday, April 22, 2017

Tea Smoked Chicken 【茶叶熏鸡】

I made this tea smoked chicken twice when I visited my family back home last month, everyone loves the richness in flavor and its juiciness.

Such an easy and delicious dish deserves a special place in my blog!


2.5-3 lbs/1100-1500 g of free range Chicken
1 packet/ 20 g of  shop bought salt baked chicken seasoning 盐焗鸡粉  
5 g Sichuan peppercorn + 15 g salt,toasted and grounded 

2.5-3 磅/1100-1500 克  土鸡/三黄鸡
1 包 盐焗鸡粉  
5 克 花椒 + 15 克 食盐炒香磨成粉 

For Smoking:
1 Star anise
2-3 Bay leaves or 1 stick of cinnamon stick
Peels of two tangerines
2-3 Cloves of garlic  Optional
1/3 cup of uncooked rice
1/3 cup of black tea leaves(I used leaves from 5 tea bags)
1/4 cup white or brown sugar
1/4 cup all purpose flour

1 只 八角
2-3 片 桂叶 或 一段 桂皮
2 只 橘子 剥开 的橘子皮
2-3 瓣 蒜瓣   可无
1/3 杯 大米
1/3 杯 红茶叶  (我用了五包的红茶包,剪开取叶子)
1/4 杯 白糖/红糖
1/4 杯 面粉

1. Pat dry the chicken and rub salt baked chicken seasoning or sichuan pepper salt all over the chicken. If the innards came with your free range chicken, you can rub some seasoning powder on them and insert it into the chicken. Place in a large bowl with lid, refrigerate and marinate for at least 8 hours.

2.  Tear off 2-3 large pieces of foil paper to make a simple smoke chamber . If your foil paper isn't wide enough, connect 2-3 pieces of the same length by placing one on top of another and seal fold the edges at 1 cm width, make sure you fold it 2-3 times to ensure it is properly sealed.  You should end up with a 2.5 ft x 2 ft foil.

3. Mixed all ingredients listed under "for smoking" and place the mixture in the center of the foil paper. Set a steamer rack on top.

4. Place the marinated chicken on the steamer rack.

5. Bring the foil paper together by sealing the edges like you would for parchment paper for en papillote, try to keep the foil paper away from the chicken to prevent sticking and peeling off the skin of chicken. The idea is to create a Chamber/bag like space that is completely sealed and allowed smokes and flavors to penetrate the chicken. 

6. I will do my final round of checking of all seals before putting it in the oven to make sure it is completely sealed. 

Note:It is better to insert a baking sheet under your sealed foil pocket, it will be easier to move in and out of the oven.

7. Preheat oven to 400 F/200 C, bake/smoke the chicken for 2-2.5 hours, depending on the size of your chicken.

8. Take the pocket out of oven when it is done, make sure you stand at a distant when you open the pocket/chamber, it can be quite smoky and hot! 

The smoked chicken should be very tender and easily break apart by a fork.

1. 把土鸡洗干净后擦干,用盐焗鸡粉或椒盐粉里外抹匀。如果有鸡内脏也可以一起腌好塞到鸡肚腔里。放到冰箱里腌制一个晚上。

2.  第二天取2-3大张锡箔纸做烟熏烤袋,先把两张锡纸重叠,把一端折成1cm宽,折两到三次确保不漏气。依次把另一张的一端和中间部分的锡箔纸拼接,展开成一张大约 2.5 尺长,2 尺宽的大锡箔纸。(如果你家的锡箔纸够大就不必那么费劲, 我家只有一般宽度的锡纸。)

3. 在锡纸中央铺上所有的烟熏材料,混匀。放上一个比较高的蒸架。

4. 把鸡取出,放到蒸架上,如果喜欢也可以在鸡肚子里塞入姜葱。

5. 把鸡用锡箔纸包起,捏成饺子型,尽量不让锡箔纸碰到鸡只身体。我会这个时候把各处接缝再捏一遍,确保不透气漏风。


6. 烤箱预热至400F/200C, 把鸡入烤箱烤2-2.5小时(按鸡只大小和烤箱性能而定)。

7. 烤好小心取出烤包,打开时记得别靠得太近,会有一阵热烟喷出哦!熏好的鸡很酥很软,用筷子轻轻一拨就散,非常鲜嫩好吃。


  1. wow... thanks so much for sharing this beautiful recipe. I've been searching the smoke method a long long time and finally. Will definitely try this out soon.
    Blessings, Kristy

    1. Welcome Kristy! This is probably one of the best chicken dish that I ever had... You should definitely try it!!

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