Friday, November 17, 2017

Autumn Pear Paste 【秋梨膏】

Autumn Pear Paste or Qiu Li Gao/秋梨膏 is a type of traditional Chinese herbal remedy that was created in the Tang dynasty, initially for the Royal family. 

It is a type of natural throat demulcent and expectorant that is used for the relief of sore throat, coughs, hoarseness, and loss of voice.  

As the weather gets colder and dryer by the day, it is time to make a bottle of this herbal paste and be ready for the winter !




8-10/1500 g Asian Pear
200 g of Lotus root
150 g of Radish
30 g of Dried lily turf root (麦冬)
30 g of Tendril-leaved fritillary bulb (川贝)
2 tbsp of Rock Sugar
3 tbsp of Raw honey

8-10只/1500 克 雪梨
200 克 莲藕
150 克 萝卜
30 克 麦冬
30 克 川贝母
2 大勺 冰糖
3 大勺 蜂蜜

1. Clean and cut the pear, lotus root and radish. Use a juicer to extract the juices and keep it in a large jar.

2. Place the leftover pulps in a pot with some water, cook for 20 minutes and sieve or with the help of cheese cloth, squeeze the liquid from cooking into a pot.

3. Combine the liquid from cooking with the fresh juice in a pot, add Dried lily turf root (麦冬) and Tendril-leaved fritillary bulb (川贝), bring the liquid to boil and turn the stove to medium heat and cook for 30 minutes.

4. Remove the Dried lily turf root and Tendril-leaved fritillary bulb using a strainer, add rock sugar and continue simmering the liquid until it reduces to the thickness that you desire, it should resemble thick syrup by now.

5. Let cool and add raw honey, stir well and store in airtight container. Refrigerate for up to 2-3 weeks.

To serve, use 1-2 tsp in a cup of warm water to drink.

1. 把雪梨、莲藕和萝卜洗净切长条状。用榨汁机榨汁备用。

2. 把榨完汁的果渣加两大杯水煮20分钟后过滤或用纱布挤出汤汁,蔬果渣丢弃不用 。

3. 把鲜榨的蔬果汁和煮好挤出的汤汁混合,加入麦冬和川贝, 中火煮 30分钟。

4. 把麦冬和川贝捞出不用,加入冰糖后继续中小火熬制至浓稠。

5. 冷却至室温后加入蜂蜜拌匀,把秋梨膏装入可密封的瓶子里冷藏即可。


1. 可根据需要加入罗汉果、生地、葛根、等材料。 
2. 熬煮时间可按个人喜好的浓稠度增减。


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