Saturday, February 10, 2018

BBQ Pig's Trotters 【香辣烤猪蹄】

BBQ Pig's trotter is a well loved snack in China, especially among students. Grabbing a piece or two after school from roadside stalls is not uncommon.

If you have a big pot of Braised pig's trotters that you prepared for Chinese New Year dinner and have some left over. Try this BBQ Pig's trotters, you will be so glad that you have left over!



8-10 Pieces of Braised Pig's trotters
2 tsp of Sesame seeds

8-10 块 红烧猪蹄
2 大勺 烧烤撒粉
2 小勺 芝麻

1. Make a pot of Braised Pig's trotters one night before and serve for dinner. Save some to make this BBQ Pig's Trotters.

2. Mix Homemade Chinese Style BBQ Seasoning with sesame in a bowl.

3. Place Braised Pig's trotters on baking sheet, spray  a little oil and sprinkle some Homemade Chinese Style BBQ Seasoning mixture on the pig trotters. Broil for 5-8 minutes and serve warm.

1. 炖上一锅红烧猪蹄吃。留几块猪蹄做这款香辣烤猪蹄。

2. 把烧烤撒粉和芝麻混合备用。

3. 把猪蹄摆在烤盘上,撒上烧烤撒粉和芝麻和一点油,烤箱上火高火烤制5-8分钟至焦香。趁热吃。


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