Sunday, September 29, 2019

Thai Pumpkin Dessert 【泰式南瓜甜汤】



I harvested the pumpkin at my front yard, it is very sweet and tasty, thus a good candidate for this Thai pumpkin dessert. I sent some to my neighbors and they loved it too!
Note: I cooked with the skin on as my pumpkin is homegrown, if you buy yours from the shop, you can remove the pumpkin skin.

300 g / 1/4 瓣的 日本南瓜
2-3 片 香兰叶
1 大块  椰糖 或 冰糖
1 大杯 浓椰浆
4 大杯清水

2-3 大勺 石灰膏
500 g 清水

300g / 1/4 of Kombucha Pumpkin
2-3 Screw-pine leaves
1 big piece of palm sugar or rock sugar
1 Cup of Think coconut cream/milk
4 Cups of water

To make limestone water:
2-3 tbsp/half packet of Slaked Lime
500 g Drinking water

Limestone, it is also known as calcium carbonate, CaCO3. In South East Asia it's sold in a paste form, when dissolved in water, it is used to crisp-up vegetables, squid and to be added to batters for frying to make the fried food crispier. 

It is mostly only the limestone water being used in cooking, leaving the powder sediment in the jar. To make limestone water, add water and limestone paste in the jar, cover the lid and giving it a good shake, then leave it aside for limestone to dissolve and the powder part settled at the bottom. 

To make a new batch, just top up with clean water and shake, when the water and limestone powder no-longer mixed and powder settled immediately after shake, that means the water soluble part of the limestone paste is used, it is time to make the limestone with new paste.




1. 把南瓜洗净或削皮去籽,切成小块。取一只大碗注入2/3碗的水,加入1/2杯的石灰水,把南瓜块加入泡上十分钟,这个步骤是让南瓜块更坚挺,煮的时候不会那么容易煮烂,而且也不会把汤汁染成黄色。

2. 取一口小锅注入2/3锅的清水,加入香兰叶加盖煮十分钟至香味溢出后加入1/3的椰奶煮滚,此刻可以把香兰叶取出。

3. 加入南瓜块煮十分钟至南瓜变软后加入椰糖或冰糖,倒入剩下的椰奶稍微煮滚即可盛出上桌。

1. Clean/peel and de-seeded the pumpkin, cut into small pieces.

2. Take a mixing bowl and add 2/3 of water with 1/2 cup of limestone water, add the pumpkin pieces and soaked for 10 minutes, rinse and set aside. This step is to prevent the pumpkin from becoming mushy and retain its shape during the boiling process.

3. Place 2/3 pot of water on the stove with Screw-pine leaves (Pandan leaves) and cook for 10 minutes until fragrant. Add 1/3 cup of coconut milk/cream, you can discard the Pandan leaves at this point.

4. Add the pumpkin pieces to cook for 10 minutes until tender, add palm or rock sugar, add the remaining coconut milk before turning the stove off.

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