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Vegetarian Egg Dumplings 【素食蛋饺】

I made this dumpling dish for my son's Chinese school New Year celebration, the parents and teachers loved it and was praising the taste and appearance of it a lot! Worth the effort of spending the whole morning making the dumplings !

Note: I have scaled the recipe down to 3-4 servings which is more suitable for a family, the pictures taken was for a much larger servings.



Stuffing for the Egg dumplings:(Makes 20 dumplings)
1 piece of hard tofu
1/4 Carrot
1/4 Cup of woodear mushrooms (木耳)
1 tbsp of egg white
1 tbsp of corn starch
1/2 cup of chopped cilantro or scallion
1 tsp of salt  or to taste
1/2 tsp of White pepper powder
1 tsp of sesame oil
1 tsp of vegetarian oyster sauce
A little ajinomoto or veggie bouillon

For the wrapper:
3 Medium size eggs (take out 1 tbsp of egg white for the filling) 
1 tsp of Corn Starch
1 tsp of water
1/4 tsp Cooking wine
1/4 tsp of Salt

1块 硬豆腐
1/4 根 胡萝卜
1/4 杯 木耳
1 大勺 蛋白
1 大勺 淀粉
1/2 杯 切碎的香菜 或 葱花
1小勺 食盐 (口味重的可以多一点)
1/2 小勺 胡椒粉
1 小勺 素食蠔油
1 小勺 香油/麻油
一点点 味素 (可用一点点的糖代替)

3 只鸡蛋 (取出一大勺蛋白加到馅料里)
1 小勺 淀粉
1 小勺 清水
1/4 小勺 料酒
1/4 小勺 食盐

For Taiwanese Braised Napa Cabbage:

1 head of Napa Cabbage around 600-650 g
5-6 dried mushrooms
1 piece of fried hard tofu (sliced)
1/4 cup of Wood ear mushrooms
3-4 slices of ginger
1-2 scallion (cut into 2 inches long)

1 tbsp of Soy sauce
1 tsp of Sweet Soy Sauce
1/4 tsp of white pepper powder
Salt to taste


1 大颗 大约 600-650 克的 大白菜
5-6 只 香菇 (洗净泡开)
1 片 豆腐干 (切片)
3-4 片姜片
1-2 根 青葱 (切段)

1 大勺 生抽
1 小勺 酱油膏
1/4 小勺 胡椒粉
适量 食盐

1. Mashed the hard tofu with a potato masher or spatula, sprinkle a little salt on the tofu and leave aside for 5 minutes, place the tofu in a piece of muslin cloth and squeeze the excess water out.

2.  Peel and cubed the carrots, sliced the wood ear mushrooms, place both of them in a chopper and chop until it is coarse and consistent in sizes. Place the tofu and chopped carrots woodear mushrooms in a big mixing bowl.

3. Add the egg white, cornstarch and all the seasoning listed in the ingredients, add chopped cilantro leaves or scallion and mix well, add the sesame oil last to prevent the tofu from releasing more water. Keep the fillings refrigerated before use.

1. 把硬豆腐/老豆腐压碎,撒点盐静置五分钟后放到干净的纱布里挤出多余的水份。

2. 胡萝卜洗净削皮和木耳丝一起放到食物料理机里切碎。

3. 把豆腐碎, 胡萝卜和木耳碎放到一个大碗里加入蛋白、淀粉和调味料拌匀,香菜/葱花和麻油最后加入预防出水,冷藏备用。

4.  To make the egg wrapper, whisk the egg, water, cornstarch, salt and cooking wine together.

5. Grease and heat a stainless steel soup ladle over the simmer side of stove for a minute or two. Add about 1 tbsp of egg mixture in the ladle and swirl the ladle while it is still hot to form a thin layer of egg "skin" or wrapper.

6. When the inner side of the wrapper is still semi solid, quickly add 1 tsp of filling on one side of the ladle, bring the upper part of the egg wrapper down and gently sealed the edges using a spoon or chopsticks. Heat to solidify the edges if needed.

7. Repeat the steps to make all of the egg dumplings. The dumplings can then be added to stew, soup or serve with some gravy.

4. 把鸡蛋、水、淀粉、食盐和料酒混合拌匀。

5. 取一只铁汤勺抹油放到炉子上小火加热,倒入大约一大勺的蛋液,趁热旋转汤勺让蛋液形成一层蛋皮。

6. 趁蛋皮还没完全变硬前加入一小勺的豆腐馅,快速用一个勺子或者筷子对折蛋皮,然后稍微边加热边用筷子压边缘。定型后把蛋饺取出,重复把所有蛋饺都做好。

7. 做好的蛋饺可以用来做汤,红烧,和吃火锅用。吃不完的可以冷藏或冷冻起来备用。

8. Soak dried mushrooms in warm water and keep the soaking water. Clean and break napa cabbage with hands, separate the lower fleshy part of cabbage from the leafy part. You can also cut into big pieces using a knife.

9. Slice ginger and cut scallion accordingly.  Heat 2 tbsp of oil in a wok and fry the ginger and scallion until fragrant. Add mushrooms, wood ear mushrooms and tofu and fry for a few minutes.

10. Add the fleshy part of cabbage and mushroom water, cover and cook for 5 minutes, add the remaining cabbage leaves after that.

11. Add 1.5 cups of water and bring it to boil. Season the dish with soy sauce, sweet soy sauce, turn the heat to medium low and cook for 45 minutes - 1 hour until the cabbage become tender.  Add  white pepper powder a little salt to adjust to your taste. You can also add a few drops of Sesame oil if you like. 

12. Place egg dumplings over the braised napa and cook for 2-3 minutes, serve hot with some steamed rice.

8. 我选择了把蛋饺加到白菜卤里吃。所以这里开始做白菜卤。先把香菇泡软,泡香菇的水留起备用。

9. 把姜葱切好,大白菜掰成大块,叶和菜帮子分开。我喜欢用手掰的,也可以用刀切。          

10. 锅里热上2大勺油,加入姜和葱段炒香。加入香菇木耳丝和豆腐干爆炒。

11. 加入菜帮子和香菇水,拌炒大约2-3分钟后加入菜叶子,翻炒匀。

12. 倒入1.5杯水, 加入生抽和酱油膏调味,加盖中火焖煮45分钟-1个小时至白菜变软。可以适量加盐调味,把蛋饺铺在白菜卤上继续煮几分钟,起锅前加胡椒粉和一点麻油增香。也可以撒几颗枸杞点缀。

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