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【韩式炸酱面】Jjajangmyeon (Noodles in black bean sauce)

Jjajangmyeon is actually a phonetic translation of Chinese words 炸酱面, this tells a lot about the origin of this dish. It is a popular Chinese dish with Korean touch, created by Chinese immigrants many decades ago in Korea. 

Those who watched K-drama should know what it is since it is a very common take out delivery dish in Korea, thus eating Jjajangmyeon is almost a sure scene in most of the K-Dramas! 




400 g of Pork Shoulder/Butt (Cubed) 
1 Potato
1 Onion
1 Carrot
1/2 Zucchini  
1 Box of Jjajangmyeon Noodle/Asian Style Noodle
1/3 Cup of Chunjang (Korean Black Bean Paste)
1 tbsp of Corn Starch Or Potato Starch
2 tsp of Sugar
1 tsp of Toasted sesame oil
1 Small cucumber (Julienned)
Some Pickled Radish as condiments

400 克 猪肩肉/猪臀肉(切块)
1 只 马铃薯
1 只 洋葱
1 根 胡萝卜
1/2 根 西葫芦
1 盒 韩式亚洲风味面条
1/3 杯 韩式春酱(韩国黑豆酱)
1 大勺 玉米淀粉 或 马铃薯淀粉
2 小勺 糖
1 小勺 香油
1 根 小黄瓜(切丝)
一些 腌萝卜 和 韩式泡菜

1. Prepare the ingredients needed accordingly. Cubed  the onion, Zucchini, Carrots and Potato, and cut the cucumber into thin stripes. I bought my pork cubed, else you should also cut the pork to similar size like the vegetables.

1、把所有的材料都准备。 将洋葱、西葫芦、胡萝卜和马铃薯切丁,将黄瓜切成丝。 我买的是猪肉丁,如果你买的是整块的猪肉的话,也把猪肉切丁。

2. Heat 2 tbsp of oil in the wok, add the pork and cook until liquid cleared and only the oil is left.

3. Add the ChunJang and turn the heat to medium and cook the paste for about 45 seconds until fragrant, add 2 tsp of sugar to the paste and turn for 45 more seconds.

4. Add the onion cubes, stir and cook the onion for a little before adding the cubed potato and carrot, mix well and add enough water to submerge all the ingredients, cook at medium for about 10 minutes.

2. 锅中烧热2大勺油后加入猪肉煸炒至水份变少,只剩下油。

3. 加入春酱后调至中火,煸炒约45秒至酱香出来后加入2小勺糖再炒45秒。

4. 加入洋葱块,稍微翻炒后加入土豆块和胡萝卜块,拌匀并加入足够的水盖过所有材料,中火煮约10分钟。

5.  Add the zucchini cubes and cook covered with lid for another 5 minutes, until the gravy is slightly thickened, check at this moment to make sure the potato and carrots are cooked and soft.

6. Mix 1/3 cup of water with the corn starch,  slowly stir in the starch water into the sauce, continue stirring until the sauce becomes thick. Turn the heat off and drizzle the toasted sesame oil, the black bean sauce is now ready.

7. Cook the noodle. in between while the sauce is cooking. Bring 2/3 pot of water to boil , and cook the noodles according to the packet's instructions. Drained the cooked noodles and rinse with some cool water.

8. Place the noodle in a bowl and serve with the sauce, garnish with some pickle radish and cucumber. Serve with some Kimchi.

You can also serve this Black bean sauce with rice.

5. 加入西葫芦块,盖上锅盖再煮5分钟至汤汁稍微变稠,此时查看一下马铃薯和胡萝卜是否已煮熟变软。

6. 将1/3杯水与玉米淀粉混合,将淀粉水慢慢地加入到酱汁中,继续搅拌至酱汁变稠。熄火后淋上香油即可。

7. 在熬酱的过程中可以顺便把面条煮好。将2/3锅水煮沸,按包装上的说明把面条煮熟。 煮好的面条沥干后用凉水冲洗沥干备用。

8. 将煮好的面条放入碗中,加上炸酱并饰以一些泡菜萝卜和黄瓜。 可与一些韩式泡菜一起食用。


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