Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Aiyu Jelly 【爱玉冰】

I went to Taiwan with my parents en route USA, it was fun and we had lots of great food there...

One of the street food that I really enjoyed was this Aiyu jelly. I liked it so much that I decided to buy some Aiyu seeds to make this home. 

Apparently it is very easy to make, and it requires no cooking at all!

这次回乡的时候和父母去了一趟台湾玩,好久没和父母一起旅行,虽然因为孕吐胃口还是不好,没能尝试很多台湾美食, 但是旅程还是很尽兴的。


1/4 -1/3 cup (approximately 40-50 gm) Aiyu Seeds
8-10 cups of mineral/drinking water
100-150 g rock sugar (boil and dissolved in 1 cup of water to make simple syrup)
3 limes or lemon(or 6-8 tbsp lime juice)Calamansi works too
Cheese cloth/Muslin cloth
Some Ice cubes

1/4 -1/3 杯 (大约 80-100克) 爱玉籽
8-10 杯 矿泉水/饮用水
100-150 克冰糖 (用一杯水煮溶成简易糖浆)
3 只青柠 或 柠檬 (挤出大约 6-8 tbsp 的青柠汁)如果有酸柑汁,就更好。

1. I brought this cloth coffee filter from Malaysia, and found it to be perfect for Ai Yu jelly making !

2. Clean the Ai Yu seeds and place in the cloth filter, soak in mineral/drinking water for 5 minutes. 

3. Clean hand thoroughly with soap and start rubbing the cloth filter gently in the water. The seeds will start releasing slimy liquid into the water. Repeat this process until the surface of the seeds doesn't feel slimy anymore. This should take about 6-8 minutes.

Note:The container you use for this process should be absolutely clean without oil, your hand should be well cleaned, and the water used should be clean drinking water or mineral water. Any oil or unclean surface may prevent the gel from forming!

4. Leave the liquid we "washed out" in the refrigerator for about 1 hour and you should see that the gel is forming already. 

5. Use a spoon to scoop the gel into a serving bowl. Add lemon/lime juice, syrup and ice cube to serve.

1. 我从马来西亚带了一个咖啡布袋回来,用来做这个爱玉冰刚刚好呢!

2. 把爱玉籽装到布袋里,泡入矿泉水/饮用水中五分钟。

3. 把手洗干净后开始揉搓装有爱玉籽的布袋,很快就会看见一些浊浊的粘液开始溢出来。把布袋反复在水里揉搓,直到布袋表面不再溢出粘液为止就好了。这个过程大约需要6-8分钟。


4. 把搓好的爱玉液静置于冰箱里一个小时,就可以看见凝结的爱玉冻了,拿个勺子把爱玉冻划成小块,装入小碗,加入适量的柠檬汁,糖浆和冰块就可以吃了!

夏日冰点- 爱玉冰


  1. Usually we buy from pasar malam this cool drink, if i can find the seeds one day, i must make this, good for hot weather here.Thanks for sharing.

  2. OMG...this is the right drink to quench my thirst now! So refreshing!!! How you been??? :)

  3. Sonia。。。yes it is such a good thing to have during hot summer afternoon!

  4. ♥LOVE2COOK MALAYSIA♥ oh yes.. very nice!!

    I am good... just finally over with all the "sickness"!

  5. Where can I buy Aiyu seeds in the US? Specifically, in southern California. Thanks!

    1. I bought it from Taiwan... and not too sure about southern California..

    2. Hi there, where can I buy Aiyu seeds in Taiwan? I want to buy some and ship them to my country. Do you know what online shop selling it? Thank you!

  6. Please tell me where can i buy the seeds in singapore?

    1. I am not sure about Singapore... do you want to check the local chinese herb shop?